How do you choose a good husband? How do you know that the guy you’re marrying is a good guy?

This is a super exciting week in my family, because my daughter Katie is getting married on Saturday!

Choosing a Good Husband: What to look for in a guy

And because of that, we’re busy gearing up for the wedding and welcoming family into our home.

So I thought that rather than write new posts this week, I’d do some round-ups, with links to some of my favourite posts on subjects that I get asked a lot! I actually have about 2,500 posts on this blog, and chances are you haven’t seen them all. I hope I can introduce you to some new ones today!

The Best Advice for Choosing a Good Husband: Should I Marry Him? | Is He Marriage Material?

Choosing a Good Husband: What to look for

First off, let’s start with the things that you need in a husband!

The 4 Things You Need in a Husband

The 4 things you need in a husband--the rest doesn't matter as much! Marriage advice for dating, engaged, and single women!

I’ve got four things that you need in any potential husband. Please don’t marry someone without these four things!

Is He Worth Falling in Love with?

When Should I Fall in Love? The two things you need in a guy before giving your heart away!

Is 4 too many? Here are just two things that you really need. Just two. This helps you figure out if a guy is worth dating (then you can expand it to four later!)

I wrote this post first, and then Katie and I talked about it a ton, and she ended up doing a video on it as well.

Choosing a Good Husband: Red flags to avoid

Okay, those are the things that you absolutely want in a guy. But how do you tell if the guy you’re dating has good character? Are there warning signs that you should avoid? I believe there are, and I’ve written a number of things that may help.

How to really get to know someone’s character

How do you know he’s really a solid guy? That you’re choosing a good husband? Here’s the run-down on how to discern if he’s got good character. And basically: If you have to convince yourself he’s not the wrong guy for you, then he’s likely the wrong guy for you.

10 Things to ask a friend who is about to get married

If you have a friend who is about to walk down the aisle, and you’re afraid that she may be making a mistake, here are 10 questions that can help her see if her relationship is built on something solid.

How to prepare for marriage–not just the wedding!

You may date someone and have a great time, but you can’t really know someone unless you do life together. Too many couples don’t do life; they put on their best behaviour, and so you marry without really understanding what the person is like. Here’s how to identify the red flags!

How to Date Well

Those posts all have to do with figuring out whether the guy you’re with is worth marrying. But what about if there isn’t a guy in the picture yet? What about general things about how to get ready to date well and marry well? I’ve written a bunch about that, too!

How to Increase Your Chances of Marriage

It’s great to have faith that God will give you a good husband. But sitting at home watching Netflix while crocheting an afghan, believing that when God is ready He will send someone to you, is likely not the best idea. Here’s a better way to increase your chances of getting married!

Will I Have to Settle in Marriage?

What if you’re older, and you’re not married yet? Does that mean that your standards have been too high, and you need to lower them? Not necessarily. But I think we believe “settling” means something different than it actually does.

The Best Dating Advice I’ve Ever Heard

Andy Stanley’s book The New Rules of Love, Sex and Dating is awesome. And he gives the best one-liner about how to find a good husband that I’ve ever heard! If young people can get their heads around this awesome dating advice, it would save a ton of heartache.

There you go! A ton of posts on how to choose a good husband. See one that resonates? Please share on social media so that young people who are still in the dating stage can get some good advice!

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Any advice you’d like to see about how to choose a mate? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll try to include it in my next series for singles!