I get sent a lot of products for free because I run this blog. And I get sponsors on the blog to ask me to promote their stuff.

And sometimes I’m introduced to stuff that is just AMAZING. And today I want to tell you about five of those things. But first–none of these people paid me to have their products here, and these are not affiliate links. I’m simply talking about them because I honestly love them!

Second, in order to make this list they had to be from WAHM (work at home moms), or moms who are trying to start a business for themselves. So big companies didn’t make it. I really want to support moms who run businesses from home, and so I thought I’d do this post as a Christmas present to them.

I’m also not talking about any of the products specifically related to sex because, quite frankly, I don’t actually want you to be able to picture what I use personally :), if you know what I mean!

So here we go! (And I’m sorry this post is late today; I’m still feeling quite under the weather so I took things really SLOWLY this morning!)

1. Mom’s Love Rub

Moms Love Rub from a WAHM

Okay, the name sounds vaguely sketchy considering the normal subject of this blog, but I love this stuff! I get really itchy skin and outbreaks of eczema, and I often resort to hydrocortisone to try to tame it. But if I use this even once, it totally clears up! It’s amazing.

I received this a few years ago, and it’s lasted a long time (you only need a little bit), although I’m out now. But I take it with me when I speak, just in case.

One of my sons-in-law gets eczema, too, and I’m putting this in his stocking. (But don’t tell him!)

Check it out here.

2. Redeeming Beauty Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Emily from Redeeming Beauty Mineral Makeup sponsored a post last month on mineral makeup, and she sent me a box of makeup to try out. I am absolutely in love with her primer and her foundation. My face actually feels SOFT at the end of the day. I normally use liquid foundation, and that clogs everything. But this stuff is actually healing and healthy! And it’s non-toxic, non-paraben, totally great. She has wonderful blushes and eye shadows, too, which are awesome, but if you’re going to just get one thing, get her foundation. It’s great.

Check it out here!

3. Apple Valley Natural Soaps

These smell simply luscious. They’re just amazing. She has these amazing blends, like cucumber mint or grapefruit or tons of luscious scents, and they’re so soft on your skin! I’ve been using them for months now and my skin is far less dry than it usually is this time of year.

My blogger friend Natalie from Emotional Abuse Survivor makes them. She has a great blog, but she also has an awesome business making handmade soaps. She also has shampoo bars, hair rinse, and so much more.

Check it out here!

4. My Sister R Soaps and Creams

Another reader sent me a moisturizing bar of soap from My Sister R, and it’s so rich, too! She specializes in more natural skin care products, and if you’re trying to get rid of parabens and go more natural with what you put on your face, check them out. They’re lovely!

See it here.

5. Essential Oil Necklaces

I’m a big fan of essential oils, and I think they can really affect our mood and even our health. And so I was so taken with these necklaces. They look like lockets, but inside is a pad that you can put several drops of your favourite essential oils or essential oil blends, so you get a whiff of aromatherapy as you move all day. It’s amazing! And since I have a cold right now, I’m doing some serious eucalyptus and peppermint.

See them here!

6. Good Works Bracelets

I met Helena, who started Good Works Bracelets, when Katie and I were speaking at a Christian Entrepreneurs conference in Toronto last month. She gave me one of her gorgeous bracelets and I wear it all the time. I’m seriously considering throwing all my other bracelets out! Here’s why I love it: It’s attractive (mine’s a mixture of metal and leather), it has Scripture on it, and it has the most amazing magnet clasp that makes it so easy to get on and off, but also makes it super sturdy.  I’m actually buying this for Christmas for someone who reads the blog, so I can’t comment more than that. 🙂

She gives 25% of her profits to charity, and her bracelets truly are lovely.

See them here!

So there you go–6 reasons I love blogging, because I never would have found these things otherwise. And I love the fact that women are supporting themselves while making them! So I just invite you to support them, too, because they are truly wonderful.

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