How do you choose sexy pajamas–that are still warm?

Recently I wrote a “Fight the Frump” series at the blog, where I encouraged all of us to try to spend just a few minutes looking put together every morning–to show that we respect ourselves. It was a super fun week, but in the middle of it I received an SOS from a reader.

Reader Question

You’ve got to help me with pajamas! I sleep in sweat pants and t-shirts with holes in them. Definitely frumpy!

I get it. In fact, just to prove it to you, I took a picture of myself one morning last week when I had definitely not put any thought into what pajamas I was throwing on:

Super Frumpy Pajamas--how to choose pajamas that are warm but still sexy

Okay, at least I was patriotic!

But still. 

That’s pathetic.

We’ve got to do something about this! And so today, for Top 10 Tuesday, I thought I would tackle the winter pajama dilemma.

I know that not all of you face this. If you live in the southern United States, or if you’re Down Under right now where it’s summer, then you likely aren’t worried about warm pajamas. But for those of us who live in more northern climates, winter pajamas are a bit of a challenge. In the summer we can wear cute 2-pieces and super cute nightgowns, but in the winter we want to be warmer. And warmth usually = flannel. And flannel is very rarely sexy!

Let's Choose Non-Frumpy Pajamas! 10 ways to choose pajamas that are warm but still sexy.

In fact, I had a running joke in one of the Girls Night Out events I did about a flannel nightgown I once had. This nightgown sent a very definite message–“No Trespassing”. And that’s not a message we want to be sending! (Or, if you do want to send it, then you really should get my Boost Your Libido course!)

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So let’s talk about how to choose pajamas that don’t say “No Trespassing”, but that still keep us from freezing!

Sexy & Warm Pajamas: 10 tips for finding pajamas that keep you warm--but still let you feel like a woman!

I’ve written quite a bit on this blog about how frumpy makes us grumpy, and how modest shouldn’t mean dowdy. But warm shouldn’t mean dowdy, either. So let’s figure out how to look great together.

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1. Go with a 2-Piece Set

Nightgowns tend to be colder, and you have to wear them with really thick socks, which can be off-putting in its own way.

In general, then, to stay warm, stick to a 2-piece pajama set.

But how do you make it sexy?

2. Bright Colors Make for Sexy Pajamas

Go for bright colors, like deep red or deep purple–or even black. Stay away from pastels which are too “girly”. You want a colour that says, “I am a woman”, not “where’s my Barbie?”


Jockey Women's Cotton Cardigan Pajama Set, Black, Large

Jockey Women’s Cotton Cardigan Pajama Set

See it here.

Seriously, look at the difference between that and something like this:

The black says, “I’m interested in night time things.” The pink says–well, I’m not really sure what it says. But it’s not, “let’s get it on!”

3. Think the Right Prints for Sexy Pajamas

Shy away from anything with small cute animals (like kittens), or ice cream cones or flowers (like the one above!), or anything that looks like a 12-year-old girl could wear it.

Instead, go for something like a leopard print, or a plaid.

Del Rossa Women's 100% Cotton Flannel Pajama Set - Long Pjs, XL Purple Plaid (A0509P65XL)

Del Rossa Cotton Flannel Pajama Set, Plaid

See it here.

Del Rossa cotton pajamas, leopard print

See it here!

4. Choose Form Fitting Pajamas to Make You Feel Sexy

Here are some form-fitting flannel long john pajamas. No one can say these are dowdy, but they do keep one warm!

Betsey Johnson Women’s Printed Rib Knit Pj Set

See it here!

Or you can go for another fitted look. As long as they’re ribbed pajamas, they’re still really comfortable!

Womens Lace-trimmed Long Sleeve Pajama Set

See it here.

In fact, this is the look that I’ve chosen to go for this Christmas! Every Boxing Day I buy new pajamas for the family, and this year I chose some purple thermals for myself. They’re so soft, too! And our reader who sent in the question sent me this “after” picture after she bought herself some thermals (she invited me to share it!)

(Those look remarkably like the ones I linked to above!)

Choosing winter pajamas that don’t send a “No Trespassing” message, but that still keep us from freezing – isn’t as difficult as it sounds!

5. Buttons Can Be Sexy!

…because they can be UNbuttoned. If you’re not comfortable with form-fitting pajamas, that’s okay. Just remember the fun that you can have with 2-piece ensembles that have buttons!

Ekouaer Women's Long Sleeve Sleep Pajama Set with Pocket XS, Navy

Ekouaer Long Sleeve Pajama Set

See it here.

6. Something He Loves Can Be Sexy!

Is he really into sports? Why not buy some flannel pajamas that celebrate his team (or your team)?

Boston Bruins Pajama Bottoms

See it here.

7. Warm Pajamas Can Still Be Satin

Satin can be surprisingly warm, and the material says “sexy”. So try mixing it up, and don’t just go for cotton or flannel or fleece.

Del Rossa Women's Classic Satin Pajama Set - Long Pjs, Large Burgundy (A0750BRGLG)

Del Rossa Women’s Satin Pajama Set

See it here.

Here’s another tip: buy some satin sheets! If you’ve got a really warm duvet, then satin sheets will still keep you warm enough, and they can add some heat to the bedroom.

Honeymoon 4PC bed sheet set, Red sheet, King set, HM00209001K-RED

Red Satin Sheet Set

See it here.

8. Try a warm–and long–nightgown!

I’ve been showing you all 2-piece sets because I tend to think they’re the warmest. But you can go for a warm nightgown, too!

Long Sleeve Form Fitting Nightgown, $22.99

See it here!

9. A great duvet lets you wear whatever you want! (and that’s sexy!)

Finally, here’s something I always recommend: just get a super warm duvet! It’s one of the best investments you can make. Yes, a real duvet is more expensive than a comforter set, but it’s super luxurious. And don’t you want your bed to feel great? If you have a warm duvet and a super warm robe, then you can wear light nightgowns or sexy 2-piece sets all year round. I have a friend who even sleeps naked (up here in Canada!) all year round, because her duvet is so awesome.

Pair them with some Slumber Cloud temperature regulated sheets (which hold heat in and release it later, keeping you cool when you need it or heating you up when you need it), and you’re all set to go!

Goose Duvet

See it here.

10. Keep a space heater near the bed at night.

If you and your hubby don’t want to pay to heat the whole house overnight, you can at least pay for a few minutes of electricity to keep your half of the bed warm! And then it’s easier to want to get OUT of those pajamas–whichever ones you’re wearing–and have some fun.

Let me know in the comments: How do you feel pretty and feminine if you’re a northern girl like me and it’s freezing at night? What do you wear?

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