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You know how sometimes you just need a change–something small that can make life seem more exciting?

Yeah, me, too. And so I thought I’d share five quick changes that can make life more exciting.

We’re in the middle of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale, a collection of $2000 worth of ebooks and ecourses, plus almost another $300 in bonuses, for just $29.97.

And I’ve spent the last few weeks working my way through the bundle (I got it early since I’m an author and my Boost Your Libido course is part of it!), and I found some amazing tips that I’ve already put into practice.

I thought I’d share some quick ones with you today, too!

1. Furniture Does Not Have to Hug Walls

Okay, maybe everyone else in the world knows this but me, but our living room used to be pretty boring. And then I decided to watch Yellow Prairie’s course on decorating your living room, and I learned two tricks that I never knew before. And they really do work!

My youngest daughter Katie is home for the week, and I enlisted her to help me with this one. Okay, so here’s what my living room looked like just three days ago:

UHB Living Room 6 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

Our coffee table opens up, which is handy, but all of our furniture was against the wall.

UHB Living Room 8 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

(That chair is where I do most of my blogging. That’s why my posture is so bad.)

UHB Living Room 7 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

So when you were sitting in the living room, you were far away from everyone else on the loveseat, couch, or chair. And everything was cluttered and really boring.

The Yellow Prairie course (it’s the middle one in the Home section) told us something: You can center furniture in a room with an area rug, and create a cozy space that way. You don’t have to hug the wall!

Home - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

So I said to Katie, “Let’s go buy an area rug!”

It was 8:20 at night, and we figured that Bed Bath ‘n Beyond closed at 9. We had time.

But then my mom, who moved in to an apartment in our basement last year, piped up, “why don’t you get the rug out of the garage?”

We had an area rug in the garage? Who knew?

The only problem was that our garage was an obstacle course because of all my mom’s stuff. But Katie valiantly retrieved said rug,

UHB Living Room Rug - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

And we vacuumed it, put it in the center of the room, and placed the furniture on top of it. Then my mom said that there was an extra corner table in the storage room, so I replaced the ugly table next to my chair, and voila!

UHB Living Room 5 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

UHB Living Room 9 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

It looks so much better!

Seriously, it feels actually cozy. And I moved the loveseat out too, and the wash stand behind the loveseat, and it’s great.

When my mother told us that we already owned the rug and the table, I made it my goal to decorate using only things that we owned. So Katie and I had fun with it. We put my husband’s birdwatching books in one of my Mom’s old birdcages. I think it works. (that’s more a tip from one of the other decorating books!)

(I’ve lost all of my ceramic stuff for the mantle. It’s on a box somewhere in the garage. So I’ll have to live with a mantle I don’t like as much for now).

Moving the furniture around took all of 15 minutes, and I honestly can say that I like my living room now!

The Yellow Prairie course goes over how to choose paint colours, area rugs, lighting, accessories, and furniture placement, and it sells for $25.00–basically the cost of the ENTIRE bundle.

2. The Triangle of Light

Here’s something else I learned from the course: for a room to feel cozy, you need three points of light.

I already had two points with the lamps on either side of the couch. But I didn’t have a third.

So we put a cute lamp on the table by my chair, and a standing lamp behind my chair, and again–it feels so much cozier! And it wasn’t that hard.

3. The Fashion “Rule of Four”

My living room used to be a little depressing and intimidating, because people were sitting so far apart. But clothes can be depressing and intimidating, too. How do you put an outfit together?

I’m actually not too bad at this (I really enjoy clothes!). But I have a hard time explaining to people what I do. It’s kind of instinctual.

But I’ve found the answer in the From Frustration to Functional Closet Challenge from Adore Your Wardrobe.

Self Care - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

I watched just the bonus video, and I learned the “rule of 4”. She explains how if you want to make an outfit look put together, you need to “count to 4”! How do you do that? These things are worth zero:

  • Pants that are neutral colours
  • Sweaters, tank tops, blouses or shirts that are solid colours

These things are worth one point:

  • Patterned Pants
  • Coloured Pants
  • Patterned tops
  • Statement jewelry pieces
  • Belts that are visible
  • Interesting shoes or boots that are visible
  • A scarf
  • A hat

So before you go out, you just need to “count to 4”! It’s fine if you count HIGHER than 4, but you need to get to at least 4.

Rule of 4 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

It’s such a little trick, but I think it will really help you feel like you’re wearing an “outfit”, and not just clothes.

The course sells for $69, so for this course and the Living Room course we’re at $94. And the Bundle is only $29.97! But we’re still not done.

4. Set up a Command Center!

  • Do stacks of paper frequently accumulate on your counters and other flat spaces?
  • Do important papers get misplaced?
  • Do you need a better way to keep track of receipts, coupons, invitations, and other miscellaneous papers?
  • Do your kids forget or lose their homework, order forms, signed permission forms, or other papers?
  • Do your husband and kids constantly ask questions and make comments like “what’s for dinner?,” “what do we have to do today?,” “what do I need for school today?,” “Hey Mom! Put yogurt on the shopping list!” or “when is my soccer game?”
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter in the main living spaces of your home?

Then you may need a Command Center!

Organizing and Systems - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

I loved this ebook. It’s got great pictures to be your inspiration, and she explains where to put your command center, how to decorate it, and how to make it as functional as possible so you’ll actually use it! The key is not to think of it as a horizontal thing, like a desk or a table. Think of a vertical command center and make use of walls. So smart!

Command Center - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

Now we’re up to $100–but we’re still not done! One last thing from the Bundle to show you.

5. Add Pizzazz to Your Date Nights!

You didn’t think I could go without talking about marriage, did you?

I talk a lot about date nights on this blog, because it’s so important to spend time together. But let’s face it: date nights can be intimidating, because what on earth are we going to do? And going to dinner and a movie while hiring a baby-sitter can cost upwards of $100!

Well, the Dating Divas have an awesome set of 52 Date Night Cards, one for every week of the year. There’s a way you can print them out in a little album, but I just plain love their ideas, too. Because they focus on super cheap and super easy, but they’re still fun!

Marriage - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

(Hey, that’s my Boost Your Libido course there, too!)

Anyway, while some of those dates cost money (but very minimal money), most don’t at all. They’ve got ideas like:

  • Have a do-it-yourself drive-in date, with your laptop, some blankets, and some popcorn in your car
  • Take a photo scavenger hunt
  • Take a YouTube scavenger hunt
  • Taste test a bunch of cookies from different stores
  • Create a new holiday (with traditions and rules, etc.)

And so many more! The key takeaway: Fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time. It just needs some creativity. One thing Keith and I are trying to do is to add more of this into our lives this year, because we tend to always settle in to the same things–the same games, then watch Netflix. We’d like to just plain have more fun together!

Dates for Two - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day

Add the 52 Dates for Two, and we’re at $107. But there are 102 other products in the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, including my Boost Your Libido course. In fact, if you wanted the course, buying the bundle is like getting $10 off, PLUS getting another $2000 worth of resources!

So it’s a great way to add some pizzazz to your life in ways you may not have thought of. That’s what I always love from the Bundle–I learn about things I wasn’t even necessarily thinking about–but they do make a huge difference.

The Bundle is gone Monday at midnight EST, though, so don’t wait!

Learn More 1 - 5 Simple Ways to Add PIZZAZZ Back to Your Day


It really is a ton of fun! And I hope that I’ve given you just a few tips today on how you can add some “pizzazz” into your world! Now go count to four. 🙂

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