We’ve been spending this week talking about libido.

And it’s been an exciting week! I launched my new course, Boost Your Libido, and I am astounded by all of you. Thank you for your continuing support, and for enrolling in my course!

To follow that trend, we’re finishing Friday with another exciting bit of news! A group of amazing marriage bloggers have put together a new podcast. This is bound to have tons of great information while being really entertaining! But I’ll let Bonny, one of the women hosting the podcast, explain it:

I am so excited to be able to share a brand new podcast, Sex Chat for Christian Wives, with you!  It goes live next week on Valentine’s Day, 2/14/17.  We invite you to join us!

Who are we?

We are four Christian marriage and sex bloggers joining forces so you can hear our voices.  My three friends, Gaye Christmus, Chris Taylor, J. Parker, and I, Bonny Burns, want to bring you another avenue of authentic, yet tasteful, discussion about sexual intimacy.

Chris Taylor shares, “Women can be such great encouragements to each other. We surround each other, we acknowledge the struggles, we celebrate successes, and we encourage growth… All four of us are passionate about helping Christian wives thrive and fully enjoy God’s gift of sex in their marriages.”

Gaye Christmus mentions, “…sex and intimacy in marriage can get complicated at times, and sometimes we’d like another woman’s opinion. Or we’d like to know about something she’s learned, or figured out through trial and error. But bringing it up isn’t easy.”

Not only does this podcast strengthen and mentor the message that it’s OK to discuss sexual intimacy out loud, it allows busy wives and moms to listen in while they are accomplishing other tasks.  We know how much women love to multi-task!

Each 25-minute episode will give you practical ideas to improve sexual intimacy, laced with a bit of lively (sometimes laugh worthy) discussion, all framed within biblical principles.

You will finish every show knowing at least one easy thing you can do to move toward a better marriage bedCheck out this great new podcast for Christian wives!connection.

Since it’s Low Libido Week at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum, we wanted to let you know that one of our very first episodes is, “Getting in the Mood.”  We don’t want to give too much away, but there are many surprisingly simple things you can do to bring your attitude to a good place.

We agree with Sheila.  The more you think of yourself as a sexually charged wife, the more sexually charged you will become.  The more you think of sexual intimacy with your husband, the more interested you’ll be in meeting for a rendezvous.  That’s why listening to podcasts in addition to reading your favorite marriage and sex blogs will help improve your libido.

If low sex drive is something you struggle with please check out Sheila’s course, Boost Your Libido.  Sheila takes you step by step through the process of discovering your sexual confidence and finding your steamy anticipation.  As a low-libido wife, I can testify that our brains have the most influence on our ability to feel sexy.

However, whether you are low-drive or high-drive, our podcast has you covered.

At least one of us represents your outlook.  Our collaboration allows us to bring different perspectives to the virtual kitchen table.  As J. Parker says, “We four agree about God’s gift of sexuality for our marriages and the need to resolve outstanding issues and enjoy the experience. But when it comes to the how of nurturing sexual intimacy, we each bring something different….Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” I don’t exactly what this means for two times two, but we know that together we four ladies are stronger than any of us would be alone.”

Check out this great new podcast for Christian wives!In addition to “Getting in the Mood,” we discuss topics such as positions, sex scheduling, the influence of stress and exercise on sex, and female sexual response.  These will be released every other week.

As the dust settles, we will begin to answer listener questions on air.  If you have a question, submit it here:  Have a question?Be sure to listen in and see if we answer you in an upcoming episode.

We are committed to this project and are humbled by all that God is asking us to do.  With this in mind, would you pray that our marriages remain Christ-centered and that technology behaves, please?  Thank you so much.

To learn more about the podcast and subscribe to receive the latest episodes, check out the podcast website SexChatforChristianWives.com.

You can follow us on social media:

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube

Or on our individual blogs: 

Bonny at OysterBed7 | Gaye at Calm.Healthy.Sexy | J at Hot, Holy, & Humorous | Chris at The Forgiven Wife

Remember!  We go live on February 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day!  You won’t want to miss our first episode:  “Getting in the Mood.”

Friday Roundup on To Love, Honor and Vacuum

What’s #1 at To Love, Honor and Vacuum?

This week’s posts have had such a great response this week and I am so grateful to all of you for that!  So since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, let’s look at some posts about intimacy and spending time with our hubbys, both high’s and low’s.

#1 Post on the Blog: What’s The “Price” Of Sex In Your Marriage? An Economist’s Look At Sex
on the Blog Overall: Top 10 Tips For Initiating Sex With Your Husband 
#3 from Facebook: Why Doesn’t My Husband Want To Make Love?
#4 from Pinterest: An Awesome List Of 79 Hobbies To Do With Your Spouse

I’ve had a great week here at the blog. It’s been really encouraging seeing how many people have been interested in my course. I wasn’t sure if I was starting with the right subject for my first course, but I guess I struck a nerve! Soon I’ll have to make a course for those on the other side of the equation–the higher drive wives.

It’s been an exhausting week figuring out all the technology and putting some final touches on things, and since my fall down the stairs yesterday I’ve been in a lot of pain (I think I may actually have broken my tailbone. But since doctors don’t do anything about that anyway, I suppose I’ll just have to live with it. I just hope it doesn’t hurt on Valentine’s Day!).

I hope you all have a great weekend! And do sign up for the Sex Chat podcast. I love all those women, and love being part of the online community with them!

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