I was so excited this morning because the Boost Your Libido course was launching that I fell down the stairs.

I managed to save my coffee cup, and I managed to avoid hitting my lower back (thank you, God!), but let’s just say that my *ahem* rear end is extremely sore.


Hand Knit Socks + Wooden Stairs + Excitement = Whoops. Thankfully those really ugly thick fleece pyjama pants and the hideous green terry cloth robe broke my fall a bit.

I was on my way downstairs to get on my computer and make everything live (those of you who have already purchased will get an email with your access instructions really soon, I hope! I’ve sent all the info off to the Thinkific people (where the course is launched), but they’re on Pacific Time, so it may take a little bit. But it’s coming!).

And I really am excited about letting all of you see it today.

But the funny thing is that for the last week, as I’ve been getting this course ready, I’ve basically been ignoring my husband. I make it a policy of NEVER working past 5:00. In fact, I usually try to stop work at 4:30 so that I can take a prayer walk, then make dinner, and then the whole evening is just for us. But lately I’ve been so busy that I had to work at night.

Now my husband is quite a romantic and honestly a really good guy. So here I am writing up assignments on how to chase your husband and think good things about your husband and certainly not wear ugly pyjamas like those ones all the time, and it occurs to me two days ago that I really need to practice what I preach.

So I decided that I would take care of Valentine’s Day.

I texted him and said:

Valentine’s Day is on me this year. Don’t make any plans!”

And then I proceeded to figure out what we’re going to do. Which I can’t explain here because my husband reads my blog.

It’s not anything too big. It’s just that he’s spent so long chasing me, and he does a really great job, and I want to reciprocate this year.

I’m not actually that much of  a romantic. I’ve been a little “bah humbug” about Valentine’s Day in the past, because it can seem rather commercial, and we know we love each other, and we go out on dates at other times, so what’s the big deal?

But sometimes we need these reminders that our spouse truly matters, and deserves to still be chased.

I know some of you are married to unromantic guys, and are a little bit pensive about what next Tuesday may, or may not, bring. And others of you are having trouble in your relationship and you don’t feel particular close right now. And then there are so many of you, like me, who have great husbands that we sometimes feel don’t quite get enough of our attention.

You know what? Sometimes everybody needs to be chased.

And we can wait around and hope that he chases us, or we can decide that we want to bring some passion back into our marriages, just because.

Just because we love him.

Just because he’s the father of the people who mean the most in the world to us.

Just because we share such an awesome story with him.

Just because he’s yours.

Just because life is too short to let passion pass us by.

Just because feeling sexy is fun.

Just because.

God meant for us to live passionate lives, where we do throw ourselves into our relationships with all our hearts.

And I know even saying that can make so many of you feel guilty. You want that in your relationship, but you feel like you aren’t able to put that kind of emotional energy in because you’re too busy or too tired or things have just gotten too boring and it doesn’t seem worth it.

But you know life is supposed to be better than this.

I don’t want you to feel guilty. In fact, I want you to feel empowered!

And so can I suggest something? This Valentine’s Day, chase him a little.  I’m going to think of all the things that I’d want Keith to do for me, and I’m going to put some thought into how I could translate those things for him, and do what he would find special.

And if you’re sick of feeling guilty over sex, sick of feeling like you’re constantly disappointing him because you don’t want it enough, sick of feeling like it’s an obligation rather than something awesome, sick of feeling like you’re missing out on passion–then you can do something about that today, too.

You really can get over this. You really can learn to anticipate and enjoy sex. You really can experience that passion that everyone else seems to have, but that passes you by.

The Boost Your Libido course that I’ve put together focuses on 10 aspects of a woman’s libido, and how to ramp it up. And each module has specific action steps that you can take that aren’t onerous, but that will help you see immediate results. Small changes done over time reap big rewards.

I’m really happy with this course because I think it’s so practical. And as you watch the videos, you’ll get to see more of me in action, too (and more of my house as well, in case you want to see more than just my coffee table and my handknit socks). And maybe it will make chasing him on Valentine’s Day seem much easier! In fact, later today I’ll be creating some special graphics that you can text, email, or print out to give him on Valentine’s Day that will say, “Here’s what I want to give you: An excited me!” Most of our husbands want that above all else.

Check out the course here.

There is a LOT of material in this course. 10 videos. Assignments & brainstorming exercises for each module that help you identify what your one big issue is in each area, and make a plan to deal with it–plus adding some positive and sexy changes to your routine, too! A 122 page ebook on libido, with all the best stuff I’ve ever written. Extra resources for each module so you can explore each idea to your heart’s content.

And if you do the assignments, you will see change! You work at it at your own pace. Nobody is standing over your shoulder.

And you can start now, before Valentine’s Day!

And now I’m going to keep planning my Valentine’s Day (and I hope my *ahem* rear feels better by then!)

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