Wow. What a weekend! There is a lot going on at the blog right now.

First, we updated the theme yesterday and changed up a whole ton of things. And it took FOREVER. So for the first weekday in I don’t know how long, I actually didn’t publish a post! (And I was amazed at how many people emailed me and asked if everything was okay. I guess people really do count on it! That’s good to know.)

There’s still a LOT of work in progress, especially for the mobile version. But one of the big things that we’re changing over the next few weeks is my whole email system.

Right now, if you sign up for my email list, you’ll get a freebie. Maybe it’s a course on how to connect with your husband, or it’s an ebook on how to bring sexy back, or it’s a printable on hobbies to do with your spouse.

Well, from now on, what I’m going to do is to have a whole resource library of free stuff that people who are signed up can access at any time! And I’ll have a bunch of free email courses there, too, that people can start at any time.

It’s not ready yet–but it’s in the works!

And so are a whole lot of other things.

But I want to tell you today why you really need to be signed up to my email list–rather than only reading the blog when you click a link online or remember to check!

1. Get Free Downloadables

They’ll come to you right away! In fact, if you sign up right now using this link, you’ll get my ebook 36 Ways to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage.

2. Get Access to Free Marriage Courses

I’ve got one ready right now–a 5-lesson course on how to connect emotionally with your husband. But we’re working on a whole bunch more. So if you want to take your marriage to the next level, just sign up! Then, whenever there’s a new course, you’ll find out, and you can go register.

And you’ll also be able to sign up to all the existing courses soon, too (It’s coming, I promise!)

3. Get Coupons and Discounts for my “Boost Your Libido” course!

One of the big reasons I’ve changed the blog lately is because I have a product launching February 9–my Boost Your Libido course! It’s a 10-module video based online course where you watch a teaching video, read the extra resources, and then work through the assignments at your own pace.

I wanted to be ready for the launch!

And my newsletter subscribers are going to get the chance to pre-order it at a reduced rate, AND get some extra freebies, too!

4. See More of Me on Video

Once a month I’m going to do a video update on what I’m thinking about the blog–the posts that were big, the posts I regret writing, or even the things I wished I’d stressed more.

5. Come with Me on our RV Trips!

Want to see where we’re traveling? In my newsletters I have more photos and updates from the churches where I’ve been–along with more personal updates in general. You’ll even be able to see more of my kids! One of my weekly emails every month will be dedicated from now on to the more personal side of the blog–and my life.

6. Get a Heads Up if I’m Ever Speaking in Your Area

MailChimp, my newsletter program that I use, is kinda sneaky. It keeps track of the GPS position of people when they open my newsletters. That sounds ultra creepy, but it’s not really. What it means is that I can send out newsletters to anyone who lives within 150 miles of somewhere that I’ll be speaking–so if I’m ever in your neck of the woods, you won’t miss me! I try to mention my engagements on the blog at times, but it’s easy to miss. But if you’re signed up, it will come right to your inbox.

7. You Won’t Miss a New Post

I know. It can be tedious checking blogs constantly to see if they’ve updated something. And what happens if you go away for a week and a fight breaks out in the comments and you missed it?

If you’re signed up, you don’t need to worry about missing posts as much. You’ll get a monthly roundup of all the best posts and the best reader questions, and you know that no hot topic will go unnoticed!

8. You’ll Uncover Some Great Stuff

I have over 2,500 posts on this site. I’ve been writing since 2008. That’s a LOT of material! And if you’ve only been reading for a few months, that’s probably a lot that you haven’t seen.

In my monthly emails, though, I certainly do send out the biggest posts of that month. But I also choose a topic or theme to talk about, and link to four or five older posts that you may never have seen. Some of the biggest posts on this blog were actually written in 2013!

9. Your Marriage Will Thank You

I spoke last week in Anaheim, and had so many women tell me how much my emails have meant to their marriage. When you sign up, you’ll get constant marriage encouragement. Sometimes we really need it!

10. I’ll Be Grateful.

Seriously. I would just plain appreciate it! It’s so much easier to tailor things in emails and to send stuff to people that they really want through email. And I do want to help.

Thank you e1485220415764 - 10 Reasons You'll Kick Yourself if You're Not Signed up to My Newsletter

Plus it makes me feel good when more people sign up. 🙂

I’m still exhausted from all the moving around of blog posts yesterday! But I’m so excited about the Boost Your Libido course that’s launching, and about what I’m going to start doing with my newsletter list.

I really want the email list to be the main thing, and the blog just to be something that supports it. So why don’t you sign up? 🙂

Thanks, everyone! Regular programming will resume tomorrow. Keith and I are driving 8 hours through Texas today to get ready for my Girl Talk in Arlington on Thursday night! It’s been a challenge keeping up with all of this online stuff while I’m on the road, but I still love seeing the country in our RV!

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