Is it possible to have a sexy Christmas–even with the rush and the presents and the family?

In fact, to the words “sexy” and “Christmas” even go together?

I was a little hesitant to publish this, because I don’t want to seem sacrilegious. Obviously the purpose of Christmas is to remember Christ’s birth, and to look forward to His coming again. We’re supposed to remember “God with us”.

But maybe it’s because our anniversary is December 21, but I’ve always kind of associated Christmas with fun in marriage, too! And since I’m one who totally believes that hot and holy can go together, and who totally believes that God WANTS us to have fun in our marriages, then I think Christmas is a great time to reignite some of those marriage flames.

After all, you tend to have more time together around this time of year because work schedules fall off. There aren’t as many other commitments after December 20. Things shut down for two weeks. And grandparents are often around to watch the kids! And, besides, for many men, all they want for Christmas really IS you. 🙂

Sexy Christmas - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!

So let’s look at 10 ways you can inject “sexy” into the season!

1. Get some Christmas Lingerie

Every Christmas you can get some new satiny Christmas pyjamas. Or you can buy a Santa outfit that would likely be too cold to wear in the North Pole.

2. Or just buy a sexy Santa hat.

31Q7rN0sVL - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!That’s all you really need, anyway! You know, I’m not big on Santa. We never told our kids about Santa because I wanted to keep Christmas all about Jesus. He’s the reason for the season! But maybe BECAUSE we never really associated Santa with any of our actual family Christmas traditions, I can use Santa for something sexy between my husband and me. It really has nothing to do with the kids. It can just be flirty!

3. Buy him some Sexy Christmas Stocking Stuffers

In fact, you could have a “special” stocking that he opens by himself, on Christmas Eve, when the kids aren’t around. Wondering what to put in it? I’ve got all sorts of sexy suggestions!

4. Get a Sexy Christmas Playlist

Lots of Christmas songs are super flirty! Put a playlist together and have fun dancing to some of the songs–or singing the songs AT him.

Tip: Even if you have a whole playlist, choose one particular song and make it VERY memorable for him. While the song is playing, make him VERY happy–if you know what I mean. Then, during the days afterwards, just hum that song periodically–when you’re making dinner, when you’re out shopping, whatever. See the effect it has on him!

5. Go out dancing

With all the Christmas parties and other events going on, many venues will have bands for actual ballroom dancing. Now’s a great time to practice some of those romantic moves you may have learned, even if you’re not that good yet!

6. Give Him the 12 Sexy Nights of Christmas Calendar

If “that time of the month” cooperates, you can always do some variation on the 12 days of Christmas leading up to Christmas. The Dating Divas has an awesome FREE printable you can use to spice up your Christmas!

12 Sexy Nights of Christmas for Couples - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!

Just print it out and put the calendar together. Then let him pull out each day’s surprise. And they’re super fun!

7. Give Him the 12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons

Here’s another variation–also from the Dating Divas. (Honestly, I was going to make you all some coupons, but they already have them. So why reinvent the wheel?). Super fun coupons you can print out and then put in his briefcase everyday or stick on his pillow in the morning when he’s in the shower so he can THINK about what’s on the menu for tonight!

12 Sexy Days of Christmas Coupons picmonkeyed - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!

Get them here.

8. Send the kids to grandma’s house and let Christmas come early for him

Grandparents are often eager to take the kids at Christmastime! And trust me–Christmas is a great season to get away to a hotel for a few nights, because work schedules are often less intense. We’ve had our anniversary on December 21 for the last 25 years (funny how that works; it’s always December 21!). And it really is a nice time of year to get away. The hotels are pretty, and there are often good deals. If you and your husband have really wanted to escape for a romantic night, this may be the time!

9. Play outside in the cold

If you live in a cold area of the world (like I do!), you likely associate Christmas with snow or cold. So take advantage of it! Head outside for a snowball fight, or for a long romantic walk with scarves and hats and thermoses of hot chocolate. Or put a big thermos in the car and drive around and watch the lights (though this won’t do the job quite as well because you won’t be as cold!). Then, when you get home, head either to the fireplace to warm up or go upstairs to the bathtub and have a luxurious, long bath with your hubby as you warm up–in creative ways. 🙂

10. Wrap yourself in a bow

31gM0XFXVoL. SL160  - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!Haven’t we all at times thought of doing this? But how, practically, do you do it?

Here’s my suggestion: buy some really thick satin ribbon. Start at your front and wrap it around your breasts, going to your back. Then cross the ribbon at your back and loop it over your shoulders, meeting in the middle of your breasts. Cut the ribbon and affix it there with lots of tape. Then tape a big bow on the middle where the ribbon meets.

51M4JeI5G8L. SL160  - 10 Ways to Have a SEXY Christmas!You can also buy one of those 23″ bows that they put on cars when someone gives a car as a present. This would work pretty well, too! :), though it’s not that soft.

So there you go! Lots of ideas to have a sexy Christmas!

Whichever you choose, I hope you have a ton of fun!

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