I am home–for a whole 36 hours–before I turn around and head back to the Toronto airport to fly out to Vancouver.

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. 

I was expecting to have a post up this morning, but I didn’t wake up until 9:30 am, which is extremely unlike me. But allow me to do a more personal post today and tell you a little bit of what’s going on in my life.

I flew back from our Alberta tour last Wednesday, and it was wonderful to be home–and we ended on a great high with a wonderful event in Erskine, a tiny town south of Edmonton. (Tiny towns are often the best; people are so excited that you’re there and they’re eager to come out!)


Then on Friday I headed just west of Toronto for another awesome event in Grimsby (near St. Catharines). On the way there I stopped at Sunnybrook hospital to see a good friend, who is recovering from surgery. Sunnybrook is Canada’s equivalent of the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins. It’s our top of the line research centre and trauma centre.

Here we are in better times–at a women’s retreat I was speaking at a while ago:


Even though the care you get at Sunnybrook tends to be good from the doctors and nurses (though my friend had an extremely traumatic experience with one doctor), the whole thing left me rather embarrassed to be a Canadian. I don’t want to go into detail of why my friend was there, but suffice it to say that she really needed healthy food to recover. She’s in the hospital for several weeks, and they serve the WORST food. Like it’s truly awful. Half a cup of rice krispies and a stale croissant for breakfast (where’s the protein? Where’s the healthy fat?). Lunch is two pieces of white bread with a slice of processed meat. And some congealed beef and barley soup. And that’s it. No lettuce, no tomato, nothing that’s the least bit healthy.

So I spent Thursday cooking some salmon with avocado and some quinoa salad loaded with veggies and buying some nuts and some dark chocolate and all kinds of things to try to give her something healthy in her system. How are you supposed to recover if the food is so bad for you? Our bodies do need fuel.

And the hospital itself looks like an old school from the 70s that’s falling apart.

Anyway, I had a good visit with her but I was just annoyed–annoyed that I couldn’t do more because I was so busy (she’s my best friend and she went into the hospital the day I left for my Alberta tour. She’d already been there for two weeks by the time I got to see her); annoyed that the hospital administration thought it was acceptable to feed recovering people food with no nutritional value whatsoever; annoyed with the doctor who had seriously hurt her. Just annoyed.

Plus when I was driving to Grimsby, I had that weird feeling, “I am actually dangerous right now.” I don’t get that very often, and I drive A LOT, but I was just so tired. Thankfully Katie called and I talked to her on speaker for 45 minutes and she kept me awake.

When I got to the church I did something I hardly ever do. I asked if I could take a 20 minute nap. That sounds so totally unprofessional to me, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get through the evening if I didn’t. So I lay down, and felt much better, and the event was super fun!


On Saturday I had another speaking engagement, but before that my ministry director Tammy and I decided to head to a brunch hosted by WIMM (Women in Music and Media) at the Crossroads Centre in Burlington. I was excited to see a bunch of friends there, including Hollie Sackett-Reid, who is the morning host for ShineFM in Edmonton. She’s a riot and we always have fun together. Everyone was supposed to pose by the WIMM backdrop, but as we were standing there I said to her, “let’s do something more interesting, like Charlie’s Angels”. So we did. We were back to back and didn’t see what the other was doing. But even our feet match!


(If you’re Canadian and you’re involved in media in some way, check out WIMM! They have meetings across the country and it’s a great way to network!).

The worship leader at the event was Charmaine Brown (accompanied by her husband Jason), and I was BLOWN AWAY. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone with as good a voice as hers live before. If you’re looking for something new on Apple Music, search for Charmaine Brown, and listen to her Christmas album (The Survivor Song on one of her other albums is really good, too).

Saturday night I had an event at Kennedy Road Tabernacle in Brampton, just northwest of Toronto. It was an outreach with 450 women, and I did something very different. Instead of my typical sex talk, I gave a Christmas talk, much more in line with the talks I used to give all the time before The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex came out. It was neat because I got to give a gospel invitation (and people responded!), and really share my heart.


And Kennedy Road church is very multicultural–90 countries represented there (Toronto IS the most multicultural city in the world). I just love events like that.

After the event Tammy and I grabbed some dinner at 11:30 at night and then headed to our hotel.

Then yesterday I went back to Sunnybrook to spend most of the day with my friend before driving home.

This time Rebecca talked to me on speaker phone all the drive home to keep me awake.

I headed to bed at 8:30. I was just so tired.

But because I’m still on Alberta time, I woke up at 9:30. Totally awake. Like I had taken an afternoon nap or something. I stayed in bed, but at 11:30 I gave up and took a sleeping pill. I have a prescription the doctor gave me 4 years ago for when I travel, but I hardly ever take any.

At 12:30 I was still wide awake. I figured the pills must have expired, so I took another one for good measure.

Let’s just say they were still pretty powerful, because when I finally woke up at 9:30–I was still totally out of it. Moral of the story: even if the pills expired three years ago, DON’T TAKE TWO!

Anyway, I have a whole bunch to do today before I head out to Vancouver. I’m speaking at the Christian Entrepreneurial Association’s meeting, sharing about this blog and what I’ve learned as it’s grown. Maybe one thing I learned is that you shouldn’t take two sleeping pills eight hours before a normal post is supposed to go live! 🙂

So excuse this unusual post, but I thought I’d fill you in a bit on my life. I’ll be back from Vancouver on Thursday and then we’re home for a whole month, and I’m so looking forward to doing Christmas and also creating my boost your libido course, which has been in the works for a while now. Plus I want to start knitting something again. I haven’t had the chance to knit in a while.

So that’s my life. No Thanksgiving in there–we’re Canadian, after all. But I hope all my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And now I’m going to go write my talk for the Vancouver convention (I NEVER leave things til the last minute. NEVER).

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