If you need to lose weight, how do you do it without making your family miserable in the process?

That’s what a reader recently asked me:

I feel like I have an addiction to food and I don’t want to constantly put my family on a special diet just because I want to lose  weight. I also don’t want them to go through my many ups and downs. I don’t want to make a facilitator of my husband by asking him to go buy me ice cream and I don’t want to be angry at him if he says no. It’s a struggle of mine and I feel like it’s one of the things that can hurt my family if I become to focused on my addiction.

I understand she has a food addiction. I understand that she is battling it and doesn’t want her family to suffer.

But let me ask you this: Could she be asking the wrong question? And if she is, could THAT be the actual root of her food addiction?

Here’s what I mean: we think “I’m overweight, so I have to watch what I eat to lose weight, whereas my family isn’t overweight, so they can eat whatever they want.”

What if that assumption is wrong? What if the problem is not weight at all?

Here’s a picture of me and my husband, taken on the Baltic cruise we took the family on this summer:

KeithSheilaCruise - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

I look healthy, right? I’m not overweight.

But I’ve got a LOT of issues!

It started two summers ago. I’d get these horrible stomach pains, and they seemed like textbook gallbladder problems. The pain was worse than childbirth. I went to the hospital and they said it wasn’t gallbladder–but it was pancreatitis, which can be just as painful, and which doesn’t really have a cure.

But it does have a general cause for most people: alcoholism.

Only one problem. I’m not an alcoholic. Not even close.

Now my husband’s a physician and he works at our local hospital, so everybody knows us personally. And all the doctors are looking at me like I’m a closet alcoholic, when I’m not! It was super awkward. And I’m trying to assure everyone I don’t have vodka stashed behind random pieces of furniture.

But I do drink a glass of white wine when I’m making dinner.

That’s it. Just a glass of white wine occasionally.

I’m a light drinker by any standards, not a heavy one.

But that one glass of white wine was causing incredible strain on my system, because for whatever reason my body can’t process alcohol like other people’s bodies do.

Then I had an MRI to check on gallbladder issues and you know what they found? The beginning of fatty liver disease. For pity’s sake, I don’t eat fatty foods and I even make my own chicken stock! I don’t eat white bread. I don’t eat chips. But I’ve got the beginning of fatty liver!

Oh, and my cholesterol was high, too (it runs in the family.)

Keith’s levels are all a-okay. But me? Nope.

Plus I was having some major hormonal issues with perimenopause. A lot of pain, a lot of headaches, and a lot of anemia. And after reading a lot of material from the [adrotate banner=”307″] two years ago, I realized that this wasn’t just a part of life I had to settle with. This was something I could do something about!

I had to really change the way we eat. We stopped going to restaurants very much. I had already quit Diet Pepsi a few years ago to get rid of some chemicals in my body (and my system did start to work much better after that). I went down to 1/2 a glass of wine occasionally, and the stomach pains stopped. And Keith’s getting healthier, too.

And I started addressing some of my hormonal issues with proper teas, some essential oils, and exercise at the right time of the month. It’s amazing how much it has helped!

Most of you probably don’t have issues like I do. But I still think that we’re missing the bigger picture.

It’s not about what we weigh. It’s about what we put into our bodies. It’s about being healthy, not just skinny.

And our whole family needs to be healthy.

Everyone. Not just the people who are overweight–everyone.

When your children grown up, if they are used to eating high calorie processed foods they will keep eating high calorie processed foods, and they will end up with a weight problem, too. But they will also end up far less healthy.

Too often we think of food as the enemy, and that we have to beat our bodies into submission.

Let me be clear about this: Trying to lose weight by limiting your calorie intake drastically will work in the short term. But you will quickly regain that weight back.

What I’ve realized over the last few years is that I need to stop eating to satisfy cravings and start eating deliberately because my body needs things. Food isn’t the enemy; food is actually fuel!

So it’s not about dieting on a temporary basis. It’s a life change that will make you feel so much better.

It’s about I never put a lot of stock in the all the “detoxify” things I’d hear friends talking about. It seemed like everyone was claiming that EVERYTHING caused cancer, and maybe we all just needed to calm down.

But after realizing I got migraines every time I cleaned my bathroom, and that my stomach problems went away when I stopped eating bad oils and stuck to good oils (while also stopping the white wine), I thought that maybe there was something to it.

A lot of the new habits I’ve learned came from The [adrotate banner=”307″], a bundle of ebooks, courses, and bonuses that are offered for just 5 days every year.

The 2016 bundle launched this morning, and it is the BEST one ever. It has resources on weight loss, balancing hormones, green cleaning, special diets (like gluten free!), making the real food switch painlessly–even beauty recipes! And this bundle has so many courses that walk you step-by-step into creating a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, so you don’t have to put up with migraines and feeling tired and feeling bloated and having low energy anymore.

The bundle’s value is over $2400–and it sells for just $29.97.

Here are just a very few of the products that will teach you how to make food your friend: (The book Secrets to a Healthy Metabolism especially is AWESOME. I’ll be talking about it more tomorrow because I think it would really help our reader with the original question)

UHLB Fitness - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

Find out more about the bundle here: The [adrotate banner=”307″]!

I’m so excited about it I already bought a copy for my oldest daughter who has been struggling with hormonal issues for years. The courses on it look amazing!

UHLB Hormones - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

Here’s what’s in the bundle (cause there’s lots that isn’t in the pictures):

Resources and courses on:

  • Fitness
  • Hormones
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  • Paleo Recipes
  • Gluten Free Recipes
  • Alternative Health
  • DIY Beauty and Skin Care
  • Essential Oils
  • Gardening & Homesteading
  • Healthy Kids
  • Healthy Lifestyle

UHLB Learn MOre - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

The whole Bundle is worth $2,417.58.

  • 58 ebooks & printables
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Plus you get $251.95 in bonuses

  • 9 physical bonuses
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There are 12 brand new products that have just launched

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9 weeks worth of meal plans

  • 1400+ recipes
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You don’t even need to work through all of the resources, really. What I do is I find the resources that I most need, and I devour them and actually live them out. And it has really changed how I think about food and how I feel.

And the Bundle is totally worth the $29.97 price tag.

  • 8 products worth $97 or more (just one of these makes the bundle a no brainer!)
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  • *That’s almost 50 products that more than justify the purchase of the bundle!

UHLB Learn MOre - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

What if our food addictions are mostly because we don’t THINK about food the right way? What if it’s not about food, but really about the whole picture of health?

And what if small, simple changes could actually change everything?

That’s what this Bundle can do for you. But it’s only available until Monday night at midnight!

And here’s a great bonus: If you buy the bundle TODAY or TOMORROW, you’ll get a free upgrade to the ereader format of your choice (so you can read the ebooks easier on Kindle, for instance). But even without the upgrade, all the resources can be read on a computer or tablet or even transferred to your Kindle as they are.

UHLB Get Bundle - How to Lose Weight Without Burdening Your Family

I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my 40s now and I feel like my body may be wearing out, or if I’ve just done things wrong for too many decades and it’s taking its toll. But over the last few years I’ve realized that I can’t ignore “health”, even if my weight is okay. It’s about so much more. And I want to be here to live a big life with my grandkids one day! So I’m a big fan of this resource, and I know that it will help you, too.

And tomorrow I want to talk more about how to help your family get healthy and get on board by rethinking the way we approach weight!

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