Have you been putting off taking care of yourself for far too long?

My head is just spinning right now because I spent all day yesterday in an RV park with my husband in Kansas (I’m giving my Girl Talk in South Hutchinson tonight!) devouring so many of the awesome resources in the [adrotate banner=”307″]. I’ve made major headways when it comes to switching to real food in the past, so I haven’t been reading those resources as much. Instead, I’ve been focusing on the ones on hormone health and gut health, and I’ve been blown away by how much I did wrong.

Remember how I told you on Wednesday that the MRI had found the beginnings of fatty liver disease? Well, I did the self-assessment test that’s part of the Perfect Periods course, and it focused on eight different systems that could be “off” in our body. And the #1 result I got? My liver is messed up.


There seriously is something to this, and I’ve got to start making some major changes now, while I’m still relatively healthy, before it gets worse.

And I’m so psyched with all these resources to do it!

But today, in my Friday Marriage Moment (my 400-word inspirational thing to give you ONE thought to take with you over the weekend), I want to challenge you to seriously think about your health. We shy away from talking about health because we don’t want to “fat shame”–and that really isn’t my intention. But this stuff is important. We can’t afford to ignore it. And I believe it’s a marriage issue.

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: Maybe It’s Time to Make a Major Change

Holding Back Change - Getting Real: Maybe It's Time to Make a Major Change

One day, either you will be the caregiver for your spouse, or your spouse will care for you.

If you intend to be married until death do you part (as I certainly do!), then one of you is going to fall apart first, and the stronger person is going to have to look after the weaker one.

I’m okay with that. I think it’s actually an honour to be able to care for the person who has stood beside you through so much in your life.

But while we know our bodies will eventually fall apart, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something about keeping them healthy now

Some of the most highly shared posts on this blog are about how to show love to your husbandlittle things you can do to make him smile. But what if one of the best ways to show love is just to get yourself healthier–so that those caregiving days are very much ahead of us?

Now I am not talking about losing weight because you look bad. 

Please hear me on this.

I’m talking about taking care of yourself so that you can feel more energetic, feel more confident, and live a healthier life.

I had a woman comment a while back who was so depressed because her husband had lost his desire for her since she was about 80 pounds overweight. He was a great husband and a great dad, but they had no sex life.

I don’t think that’s a valid excuse on his part, by the way. I think we should love each other regardless. But I found her reaction really heartbreaking. She said she didn’t think she could live in a sexless marriage, but she also loved food too much. She concluded that divorce was her only option.

Ladies, getting healthy is not impossible. It’s a choice that we can make.

And that choice has NOTHING to do with going on a diet by restricting your calories. It has to do with learning what goes into a healthy lifestyle, and then changing your habits.

Our bodies are highly intricate, interrelated systems. But what happens if we start clogging that system with stuff that shouldn’t be there, and don’t give it what it needs? What would happen to your kitchen if you decided not to clean it for a year? Sure, you could still cook in there, but would you want to?

Many of us are absolute fanatics about keeping our homes clean. Maybe we need to start putting just as much effort into keeping our bodies in tip-top shape.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it will require major change. No, it won’t be easy. But it’s worth it. 

What is stopping you? Can you love your spouse enough to make a change?

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UHLB 728 1 - Getting Real: Maybe It's Time to Make a Major Change

Friday Round Up - Getting Real: Maybe It's Time to Make a Major Change

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We’re Having So Much Fun on the Road!

In the last two weeks we’ve covered about 2,500 miles I think. And it is HOT in Kansas. We weren’t really expecting that!

But this weekend we have our last actual engagements, and then we have two weeks off before we fly home. We’re going to hang out in Arizona, I think, where we’ll go for hikes in the morning when it’s cool enough and we’ll work in the afternoon in the RV.

Here’s where we’ve been so far:

Girl Talk Tour Pic - Getting Real: Maybe It's Time to Make a Major Change

I Met Up with Some Winners–

My event in Sioux City, Iowa, was with the MOPS group that won me coming to speak at their church last year in MOMCon. And we’re working out the details of when I’ll be speaking in Colorado this spring with the group that won it last year in the Homemaking Bundle!

And then in California I’ll be meeting up with the woman who won me taking her out to dinner in the bundle a year ago. So it’s neat to see all these people!

We’ve got three events in California pretty much booked in January, but there’s room for more. So if you’re in New Mexico, Arizona, or California, I’d love to join you! Just email my assistant Tammy here.

Remember, the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is gone Monday at Midnight

And there really is some awesome stuff in there. Over $2400 worth of resources for just $29.97. And there are $250 in physical bonuses, too, including a FREE 64-load laundry detergent.

Check it out here: [adrotate banner=”307″]!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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