I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Labour Day weekend! For most of my fellow Canadians, school starts again tomorrow. So this is the last day of summer!

Just a quick announcement today about a radio interview, and then a thought I’m having.

The announcement: I’m the guest on FamilyLife Today radio today and tomorrow! I recorded it last spring with Dennis Rainey, and it was so fun! Today’s installment is “Stinkin’ Thinkin'”, and tomorrow’s is “Thinking the Best of Our Spouse”. We were chatting about my book 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage.

Listen in here!

FamilyLife Radio - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

And remember: I have a FREE study guide to go along with the book. You can sign up for the individual study guide, or, if you run a women’s Bible study, I have a 6-week women’s Bible study and an 8-week women’s Bible study that you can use. With video, of course (though I’m uploading some of the last ones tonight!).

Check those out here!

Thinking About My Story…

I spent last most of last week in Ottawa with my daughters, dropping Katie off at university and helping Rebecca edit her book on Why She Didn’t Rebel which is due in at Thomas Nelson on October 1.

Family - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

(We had just finished recording a podcast for my patrons (the readers who support me each month), and we made fun of Connor on it for sipping soup. Hence he’s sipping soup in this photo!).

Meanwhile, my husband was on call at the hospital in Kingston, about an hour from where we live. So I decided to spend a few days here with him while he finishes up his shift.

We’re staying at a hotel with a lovely patio (I’m sitting outside surrounded by stone and ivy right now) that’s quite close to downtown, so I walked Keith to the hospital this morning and then spent an hour and a half along the waterfront trail.

Terrace - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

Kingston has so many memories for me. We met here, while at Queen’s University. We were married here. I remember taking walks when I was pregnant with Rebecca, just praying not to throw up. I remember heartbreaks and miscarriages and stress. And I remember so much laughter with housemates and kisses with my fiance on a frozen lake.

Yesterday I was remembering other things–it was twenty years to the day since my son died.

And I was just thinking about how God writes our stories, and how there is so much to remember. How all of is makes us who we are.

Waterfront - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

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There is something about walking by water that makes me reflect on what has been, and then pray for what’s coming.

My girls are both moved out; they won’t be coming home again, I don’t think. As I write this I’m listening to two other sets of parents on the phone with their kids, who have just moved into residence at Queen’s. My niece moved in here yesterday. We’ll likely stop by and bring her ice cream later this afternoon.

Kids grow up.

BeautifulGarden - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

This morning, as I was walking, I stopped and actually read all the monuments that are set up around the downtown. Kingston is one of the oldest cities in Ontario (really in Canada, actually), and there’s so much history here. So many stories.

Irish Monument - Do We Ever Think Back on Our Story?

I don’t have anything profound today. I’m just thinking. We all have sadness in our lives, sometimes profound sadness, but there is also so much joy. And somehow it is all a part of it. And I think it’s good, sometimes, to stop and remember.

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