Sometimes in marriage you just have to laugh.

I can’t write a long post today because my computer crashed on the weekend and I took it in to be fixed, and it’s hard to do graphics on my iPad. So I just want to tell you a funny story.

(Side note: I’m seriously nervous about my computer! I think I saved most of the important data, though I know I’ll lose a bit, but I also know I have a really good Time Machine Backup from May. I don’t want to use one that’s more recent because I had a virus. Anyway, I know I did the backup. I just am not certain which external hard drive it’s on, and I have a bunch. Which makes me nervous that I lost it. I guess I’ll find out this morning, but I hate worrying about little things like that! And from now on I shall label my hard drives and keep them all in the same place!)

Anyway, here’s what happened.

First, a bit of background. I have about 30,000 people on my newsletter list, and I want to make sure that I send people information that’s actually relevant to them, not just blasting 30,000 people with tons of stuff all the time.

So I had the newsletter automatically keep track of certain things, like which links were clicked, so that I could send people more of what they liked. (and I don’t share this info with anybody; don’t worry at all!)

I wasn’t sure if it was working, so I decided to check my husband’s profile. Here’s what I found:

Keith's Profile in MailChimp

Okay. That’s hilarious! So his interest is spicing things up.

So then I decided to check my own profile, and here’s what I found:


And my interest apparently is homemaking.

Too funny! So I guess Keith has been clicking on things about spicing things up and ignoring things about parenting.

I was in the living room with him when I figured this out so I told him and he said,

Well, honey, I just feel really called to keep  you accountable about what you write, you know!

Again, too funny.

He’s actually rated as a “better” subscriber than me, too, because he opens almost everything I send, whereas I only open if I worry there’s a problem. He asked me a few months ago how he could really help me on the blog and I said that opening and clicking on my emails would help and every time he saw something from me on Facebook to hit “like” that would help, because it increases my reach. So he’s been absolutely faithful about that. And he makes it a point to click on at least one link a week–and I guess now I know what he clicks on! 🙂

So I shall have to let him keep me accountable. 

If you’re not signed up to my email list, I hope you’ll come on over, too! You can choose how often you get emails and what I send you emails about, and I hope that I can keep making them relevant. They’re awfully fun!

Now I’m off to the computer store, and I sure hope that I can find the right hard drive, or I’m going to have a really BAD day. I was hoping to spend this week getting a huge project done, and this computer problem has really derailed my plans. I’m working on a Bible study for 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage. I have the study part written, but I want to film short videos to go with each of the 9 thoughts while Katie is home and I can use her lighting and expertise in videos.

But I guess I won’t be able to finish it this week, so I should just enjoy more of summer!

What about you? What big projects are you tackling? Let’s chat a bit in the comments! 

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