Do you realize how much influence you have to change the people’s lives around you?

Every Friday I like to post a quick, 400-word inspirational thought to take you through the weekend. And today’s is about recognizing the influence we have–and using it!

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: Be a ChangeMaker!

Be a Change Maker! When we spend our emotional energy on things over which we have no control, we waste our energy. Use your influence well!

Yesterday morning I was browsing on Twitter when I saw a tweet that made me feel so much lighter.

Why did that tweet have that effect? It’s because I’m a political junkie. And I spend far too much time reading news and listening to news and obsessing over news, especially around election time. It gets my stomach in knots. It raises my blood pressure. And I keep thinking: “Why don’t people just UNDERSTAND this the way I do?!?”

But when I read that tweet, I think God whispered something to me in my angst. He said, “I have given you the chance to be a real woman of influence in the people’s lives around you. And the influence that you can have, if you run with the gifts I’ve given you, is far greater than any politician.”

And it’s true, isn’t it? The way we treat our kids will impact them far more than income tax rates or wars or terrorism or even Supreme Court justice picks because the influence we have is eternal. The way we treat our husbands will influence our families, our neighbourhoods, and our churches even more than any policy about transgendered bathrooms or NSA spying techniques. That’s not to say that politics doesn’t matter; only that we should understand that in the lives of the people closest to us, we are more powerful than any president or prime minister. 

I wrote a post a while ago about spending time in our sphere of influence. The more emotional energy, time and prayer that we put into the people and things that we can influence, the greater our influence grows. But so many of us spend most of our emotional energy obsessing over things over which we have no control. We worry about layoffs at work or bad corporate policies. We worry about politics. We even worry about church politics! And we talk and talk and talk and we miss out on opportunities to build relationships and build character in us and those around us.

To Be a ChangeMaker: How to spend time in your sphere of influence

When you choose to love; when you choose to forgive; when you choose to pray, to say a kind word, to step outside your comfort zone and participate in something that someone you love enjoys–you change the dynamics in your relationship. That changes your family. And when we do that, we really do have the ability to change the world of the people around us.

God gave you more power and influence than you may be believe.

So be a Change Maker, and spend your time and energy changing your corner of the world by letting God’s Spirit work through you.

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