If you want your husband to continue to pursue you, then you have to be let him catch you sometimes!

Wives: are you willing to be caught? If you want your husband to pursue you, let him catch you sometimes!

Today’s Tuesday, the day I usually write a Top 10 post!

But I’m on vacation right now, so I’m going to link to 10 posts that can help you WANT to be caught!

Why Sex Matters–and How to Get Over the Mental Hurdles

1. Why He Won’t Meet Your Needs (you’ll HATE this post. But you really should read it. It’s true. And the stuff about sex flowers is true, too).
2. Top 10 Kisses Every Marriage Needs
3. We Stopped Having Sex–and Here’s What I Learned (a great story from a mom who wrote into my Facebook Page!)
4. Scheduling Sex: Can It Work For You? (if you just never seem to want sex, then this may help you!)
5. Top 10 Positive Things To Tell Yourself About Sex
6. What Is Real Intimacy? (why do we often assume that it’s only emotional intimacy?)
7. Why is Sex So Boring? (we get what we settle for. Want something amazing? Here’s how!)

But what if he doesn’t seem to be pursuing you?

Then try these:

8. When Your Husband Won’t Initiate Sex
9. Restarting Your Sex Life After Years of Sexual Refusal
10. 10 Ways to Stop Being Too Tired for Sex

Hope those help! And I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful summer, too!

Remember: It helps me SO MUCH if you pin the posts you find interesting, or even share them on Facebook (I dare you! I guarantee your friends will want to click through 🙂 ). 

And thank you to Cheri Gregory who has graciously agreed to keep the comments section active while I’m away (and she has a guest post coming up this week, too!). Be sure to stop by her website and check her out, too. She’s got great stuff on HSPs (Highly Sensitive People!)

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