I’ll do anything you want, God, just not THAT.

Ever had those thoughts?

Every Friday I like to publish a short, 400 word Marriage Moment to give you one thought to think about over the weekend. Right now I’m boarding a plane for our family vacation, and so I want to share with you this thought from Doreen Fricke, about a lesson that God had to teach her about gratitude and trying things–even things you don’t like.

Here’s Doreen:

Marriage Moment: How God Used Fried Potatoes To Change My Attitude

Fried Potatoes - How God Used Fried Potatoes To Change My Attitude

My granddaughter and I were at an impasse. She didn’t want to try the fried potatoes I made with scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. She thought we should go out for french fries.

What’s wrong with this picture?

If she thought I was like her grandfather and would drop everything and head to town so she could have what she wanted, she had a rude awakening. Mom-Mom doesn’t care what you like. In my fifty-year-old wisdom, I bounce back with:

Just try it, Skylar, you’ll like it!

In perfect six-year-old wisdom she wails:

But I CAN’T like it!

That was eleven years ago. Skylar probably doesn’t remember the breakfast meltdown, but it was a moment that sticks with me because I’ve often found myself telling God this. A financial setback, a change in income, a cut in pay, necessities that aren’t, decisions that are tough and touchy. Marriage on the mend. Menopause on the horizon. The list goes on because life has a way of going on too.

Balancing the checkbook was a source of friction between my long-suffering mate and myself. Searching the want-ads for jobs was another. I could always find him one, but let him try suggesting something for me to apply for and I’m six and hollering,


And if my spouse isn’t hearing me, then is God? One day after a particularly skinny month of falling behind on bills, I went to McDonalds and applied for a job. And I got it. Now I was the one behind the counter serving fries to little kids and their moms and grandmoms. And I liked it. Oh, I was tired, and the pay wasn’t too good, but one job led to another and one confidence garnered more and eventually I started writing for a local magazine. Then selling ads and writing. Then almost getting my own magazine, and writing.

I turned it down. Maybe I could have liked it, but I didn’t want that much responsibility. But just being entrusted with such an offer was enough to start me on my road to recovery right in the middle of the recession. I took other jobs and tried other new things, and it all started with something I never would have asked for–but, like fried potatoes, was what was offered.\

ChrisFricke - How God Used Fried Potatoes To Change My AttitudeDoreen Frick is a 61-year-old grandma who lives in Nebraska. The child in the story is now 17 and still loves french fries, as does her grandmother, though today she had asparagus for dinner since it’s less fattening!

Are you saying that to God today–BUT I CAN’T LIKE IT? I encourage you to pray through that this weekend and ask for God’s perspective. Sometimes we all need an attitude shift!


Friday Round Up - How God Used Fried Potatoes To Change My Attitude

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Woo hoo! I’m Heading on Vacation!

So excited to be taking off with my family! You’ll be able to catch up with us by following us on Instagram–here’s Katie, Rebecca, and me (their feeds are much more artistic. 🙂 ).  It’s our first time vacationing as a family since Rebecca was married, so it will be interesting adding our son-in-law to the mix. I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve got posts scheduled to go up while I’m away, and I’ve got two wonderful women whom I’ve asked to participate in the comments section, so things will go on here as planned.

I’m excited to use some of your suggestions on my romance novel post for things to read while on our cruise. So leave some more suggestions there.

Happy Canada Day!

And to all my wonderful Canadian readers, Happy Canada Day! I thought I’d share this post from Katie’s instagram last year, because it sums up everything:

Yes, that is a 4 litre jug of maple syrup. #HappyBirthdayCanada

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Have a great long weekend, everybody! (at least here in North America! We all have long weekends! For the rest of you–I’m really sorry. So sorry. 🙂 ).

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