Is all the fuss about essential oils warranted? Can oils really boost my marriage, or my mood, or even my health?

I have to admit that I was once a skeptic. But I’ve really embraced oils over the last few years, and in today’s quick Marriage Moment I want to tell you why!

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: How Essential Oils Just Plain Make Life Better

Essential Oils and Mood - Can Essential Oils Boost My Marriage?

I used to use essential oils to make nice smelling bath bombs. I really thought that was all essential oils were good for–making things smell nice.

But then, as I started to research it, I learned that they can actually boost our mood, our immunity, and even our libido!

Now, please understand: I’m a physician’s wife. I am totally 100% pro-vaccine. I believe in modern medicine and would not hesitate to go to a doctor if I needed to. I’m not saying that we should all forget the amazing benefits of modern medicine that God has blessed us with to go back to only what they used before they developed penicillin.

I’m just saying: since we live in such an amazing time, why not use the best of both worlds? 

And perhaps, just perhaps, we are turning to chemical things a little too often.

I’ve been plagued by some health problems for the last few years that we’ve finally figured out are tied to some sort of chemical in restaurant food. As long as I cook at home using only real foods, I’m absolutely fine. As soon as I go to restaurants too often I get pain that’s worse than labour that they assure me is not gall bladder.

And that started me on a quest to get rid of a lot of chemicals from our house. I use citrus-infused vinegar as degreasers and as fabric softener (it smells lovely!). I use essential oils to clean my countertops and to disinfect, rather than use harsh chemicals. And when I travel now, I travel with essential oil blends for headaches, sore muscles, coughs and colds, and even cellulite (the verdict’s still out on whether that’s working, but it smells nice, so I’m okay with it).

For me, it’s about getting healthy, but also about just plain pampering myself.

Right now, the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle is on sale (but only until Monday!). You get over $400 worth of resources to teach you how to incorporate herbs and essential oils into your everyday life for just $29.97. I bought my own copy on Wednesday, and I’ve been having so much fun going through the books. And pictures like this make me sigh:

Herbs and Essential Oils - Can Essential Oils Boost My Marriage?

It’s just so luxurious! There’s something beautiful about working with nature that we don’t get in any other endeavour in this life, other than perhaps cooking.

To me, this is the perfect summer project: learn to grow a few herbs (like mint or basil), purchase some essential oils, and then make some blends and just try them! They really are lovely.

And right now, you can learn how to herbs and oils for just $29.97–which includes books and ecourses that are worth more than $400. And you get 50% off an order from Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary (though they only ship in the continental U.S. Sorry fellow Canadians!). Buy more than $60 of oils and you’ve paid for the bundle already!

My favourite oils? Rosemary, Peppermint, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus.

600x150 2 - Can Essential Oils Boost My Marriage?

Find out more here–and have a wonderful project for this summer!


Friday Round Up - Can Essential Oils Boost My Marriage?

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To All My British Friends: Wow. Just Wow.

I tweeted this out last night:

But then I got making dinner and my husband and I watched a show and I knit and I went to bed…and woke up this morning to Brexit!

The polls were wrong.

So I know emotions are high on both sides, and especially for the Remain camp, you must be devastated and scared right now. And as I’ve been thinking about the American election coming and how scared we often get about what kind of government we will have, God’s been reminding me more and more that we need to spend our emotional energy and spiritual energy on the things that are within our influence and control, and not worry too much about other things. God’s got them–you do what you are called to do. And even when things don’t go as you think they should, God is ultimately writing a story.

Let Him write the big one, and you do what you can in your small area of the world.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t care or keep informed; only that ultimately we should not “trust in kings or princes”. No politician or political order can save us.

And for those in the Leave camp, what an exciting time for you! It will be interesting to see what happens from all of this. But again, I urge the same thing: let’s not believe that this will cure all that ills Britain (or the world). Keep praying in your immediate circle. Keep reaching out. Keep working on relationships. That will bear much dividends for Christ.

(Okay, but I have to admit to being a little excited this morning. It has just felt to me for a long time that the world has been going in the wrong direction, and for a nation to say, “let’s stop it and do something new” is just, well, exhilirating. But perhaps it’s easier to be excited because I’m on this side of the pond!)

Did you see this on Facebook?

The former editor of a British “men’s” magazine ended up doing a documentary on what porn does to kids’ brains. He’s not a Christian, but he is so scared. A really honest look at it. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s so heartening, in a way, to see the secular world realizing this stuff.

A great article to read–I shared it and it went kind of huge, so I thought you’d all want to see it if you hadn’t already! (Maybe you should share it on Facebook, too! It’s a must read. Just click here.)

I’m getting ready for vacation!

I’ve spent the last few weeks scheduling posts while I’m gone, so keep checking in! But I’m looking forward to getting away with my family for a while. It will be our first family trip with my new son-in-law! I’ll share lots of pics. The best way to follow us is to follow us on Instagram! Here’s me, here’s Katie, and here’s Rebecca! And the girls’ feeds are seriously artistic.

Sorry America, but we really do have the better side of the falls, I’m afraid ? ?: @joymichaela

A photo posted by Katie Gregoire (@katielizg) on

Have a great weekend!

And do check out the essential oils bundle. It really is awesome!

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