So yesterday was my birthday!

I flew out to British Columbia with my youngest daughter Katie to spend the day with my cousin, who shares a birthday with me. We’re having a lovely time, and we’re heading out for a hike today, too!

Today I have a new video of Katie’s to show you that relates to something we were talking about last week. I was writing about how it seems as if the purity culture movement is reconsidering its strict rules based approach to never dating and only courting, and I think that’s a good thing.

But one of the points I made was that, even if you have rules that kids can’t date, you can’t stop them from having crushes.

So Katie made this video–a dramatic reading of her childhood diaries. I laughed so hard watching this–and it was interesting to hear all this from her point of view, because while I suspected some of it at the time, I didn’t know it all:

A few interesting things stand out about kids and crushes:

1. Even if you have strict rules about relationships, you can’t stop kids from feeling things. It’s really quite natural.

2. Just because they have a “crush”, that doesn’t mean they want a relationship. In 11-year-old’s Katie’s case, as soon as Aaron started liking her back again, Katie stopped liking Aaron.

The purpose wasn’t to have a relationship; it was to figure out who you were.

Anyway, I thought you may enjoy this! I certainly did.

Let me know what you think: how do you handle childhood crushes?

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