Hello, lovely people of the internet.

I am so tired. I stayed up late last night as the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale was ending, answering emails, talking to other bloggers, and more.

Why My Back Hurts. Seriously.

And I’ve had quite the weekend! Keith and I spoke in Peterborough this weekend. I gave my Girl Talk on Friday night, then we spoke together at a marriage day (6 talks altogether!), then on Sunday we gave the sermon.

By Saturday lunch I knew I was in trouble. Every now and then my back goes into spasm. And it seriously went in on Saturday. All afternoon, while speaking, I was in agony. That night I lay flat on my back from 4:00 onwards, except for the time that Keith gave me a massage.

I woke up Sunday feeling fine, so assumed everything was better. We went out for lunch on the way home–and that was a big mistake. My back started again. We had an hour and a half long drive home, and I wasn’t sure I’d make it. The woman I go to for massage had some openings, and I went in, and she made it almost all better. But I spent most of the weekend hurting so much.

When the kids were little I threw my back out a few times, and in that case it was different. I strained a muscle, and as long as I was still I was fine, but if I moved–WHAM!

This last incident I’ve had about 5 times. I strain a muscle, but I feel the same no matter what I’m doing. The problem is that the muscle squeezes. It’s like I’m in labour with contractions. It’s awful.

Conclusion: I need to find more time for stretching and walking and exercising! That’s one reason I’m glad of the time ecourse I’m doing right now as part of the Bundle sale (which is now over! 🙁 ).

Focus on the Family…

Did you all hear Keith and me on Focus on the Family yesterday? True Confession: I was scared to listen because I hate hearing the sound of my own voice! But so far people have told me it was pretty good, and we certainly had fun recording it.

You can listen to part 1 that aired yesterday here, and part 2 (that airs today) here. (But those links will disappear in 31 days!)

We’re talking about my new book, 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage. Want to read more about it? Here are just a few articles:

And be sure to listen in!

So I’m Not Squad…

Katie, my youngest, is home for the summer!

She just hit over 1,000,000 views on her YouTube channel, so that was a big deal.

Yesterday my mom was over and we were teasing Katie about how she keeps putting up Facebook updates talking about “my best friend”, but she’s always talking about a different person. Gracie, Liam, Joy, Charis, Quincy, Hilary, Annie, Abby, etc.–they’re all “my best friend”.

She told us we just didn’t understand youth culture. She said something like, “It’s just your squad.” She said YOUR squad, but I thought she said YOU’RE squad, as in squad was the new word for “hip” or “cool”.

So I’m skyping with my older daughter later that day and I told her, “Katie doesn’t think I’m squad enough.” I thought Rebecca was going to die, she was laughing so hard and almost fell off the couch.

So there you go. I’m not squad.

I Feel Like I’ve Finally Got a Rest!

Which is good, considering my back issue. But Keith and I head to Halifax this weekend to speak at a marriage conference–but we know those talks inside and out. And then we head to Pennsylvania for several Girl Talks–but I can do those easily, too, and I love them. No more prep! Just traveling with my hubby and getting caught up. And I’m happy!

I was speaking to a woman named Stacey in Winkler, Manitoba, recently, and she said that she’d really like some posts on Keith and me in the RV–what we do, what it’s like to live in the RV, etc. So maybe I’ll do that! What about you? What would you like some posts on?

I’m in planning mode and excitement mode now that my big crunch has finished, so I’m prepping for the next little while. Tell me what you’d like to hear about, and I’ll try to schedule it in. Even if I’m not squad.

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