I’m home from British Columbia! I headed out last week with my daughter Katie to see my cousin for her 40th birthday and my 46th birthday. We used to spend birthdays together as kids, but we haven’t been together for years. So I thought it was time.

Katie and I had a wonderful time, despite the rain, and even did some pretty good hikes. We saw a pod of orcas on the ferry crossing to Vancouver Island, too!

But today I am tired. And a wee mite grumpy. Our plane was four hours late coming out of B.C. We were supposed to land at midnight on Saturday night, and then grab the car and drive home, arriving home around 3 a.m on Sunday. I thought that was doable since with west coast time we’d be 3 hours behind anyway. But Air Canada had technical difficulties so we didn’t land until 3:30. Luggage took 40 minutes (I hate getting luggage at the Toronto airport; it’s the slowest airport in the world, trust me). So we arrived home at 7. Slept until 10. And then last night, even though I was absolutely exhausted, I couldn’t get to sleep until 1 a.m.

So anyway, I’m a little bit tired and frazzled, and I have to fly out to Little Rock. I’m recording 2 radio shows with FamilyLife, which is super cool, but I think I’m getting sick and I’m not feeling the best.

Life, therefore, has conspired against me when it comes to writing blog posts or doing any social media for the last few days.

I hope you will be patient with me, then. I do have things scheduled for the rest of the week, but today I’m just going to put up the top posts from last week!

Oh, and the reason that they aren’t all #1s is because often the #1s are all the same. Or else they’re the same as last week. So my assistant just goes down the list so that they’re all unique!

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#3 from Pinterest: The ONE Tip That Will Make Sex Feel Great!

I’m going to go check comments and emails now since I haven’t looked at anything for about 4 days! but I trust that the sky hasn’t fallen, and I look forward to “normal”ness on the blog for the next few days, too!