I have so many exciting things to tell you today!

First, if you tune in your radios today to Focus on the Family, guess who you’re going to hear?

Yep. That’s Keith and me! In March we flew to Colorado to record two shows, and they’re airing today and tomorrow. So listen to your local Christian radio station, or listen online right here! (If you’re reading this after May 2, the broadcasts will be available online for 31 days. Just scroll to May 2 & 3.

FOTF Studio

We’re talking about my new book, 9 Thoughts that Can Change Your Marriage.

I guess they get a lot of individual authors on, but they really like to have couples on, so when they invited me back, they asked if my husband could speak. He’s such a good sport and he said yes, so you can hear both of us.

Second, the big week ends today!

We’re in the middle of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale, and honestly, this is the week that I look forward to all year. I don’t know if it’s because I’m incredibly cheap and I like good deals, or if it’s because I like surprises, but I just love the bundles because I get to look at so many products and find the ones that are gems for me–and they’re often things that I haven’t even heard of before, or the things that I thought I wouldn’t need.

I shared on Saturday with you about my favourite book of the bundle–Thinking Outside the Gift Box. That book made me bawl with all of the great ideas in it for meaningful gifts. And I shared on Friday with two books and one ecourse that really hit me in the heart, that can help make some serious changes in our lives. On Thursday I told you about 10 homemacking hacks (just quick tips and tricks) that I picked up from ten different resources in the bundle.

Here’s something else that I’d get on its own: The Craftsy bonus. You get to choose from 24 video classes of crafts, valued from $30-$70, FREE.

Bonuses from the Ultimate Bundle

I’m taking Sweater Modification for Perfect Fit in the knitting category, but there are also classes on:

  • One Dish Meals
  • Knitting Techniques
  • Learn to Quilt
  • Make a T-shirt Quilt
  • Chinese Takeout Favourites
  • Travel Scrapbooking
  • How to make Thank You Cards
  • Simple to Sensational Donuts
  • Crochet (Basics & Beyond)
  • Family Photography
  • Pet Photography
  • Getting Started with Upholstery
  • Professional Slipcovers
  • Make the Most of your Food Processor

and more! So fun.

So there are two other things that I discovered while perusing the bundle this weekend. And that’s the point–you will always find more gems! It’s amazing.

I’ve got to admit, I’m tired. I spent this weekend speaking with my husband at a marriage conference in Peterborough, and spending the evenings looking through more of the Bundle and responding to so many emails! And I’m going to keep going through it today to see what else I can mention on Facebook. I don’t want you to miss this, because I always end up using so much of the Bundle, every year.

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