Can sex make you feel powerful–and boost your confidence and self-esteem all at the same time?

Every Friday I like to run a short, 400-word marriage inspiration piece (often to make up for how long my posts are in the rest of the week!). It’s Friday. We’re brain dead. So let me give you just ONE thought to carry you through the weekend. And today I want to encourage us about how sex can make us feel like superwoman!

Sex Can Make You feel Powerful - How Sex Can Help You Feel POWERFUL!

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: Sex Can Make You Feel Like Superwoman!

Every woman can name five things she hates about her body without even thinking about it. It’s far harder to name five things you actually like!

Most of us spend countless hours trying to find a healthy eating plan that works–that also includes copious amounts of chocolate.

We’re insecure about our bodies, we’re insecure about whether we measure up to the women at our church, in our families, or even in the PTA.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret, though: sex with my husband can make me feel so powerful. All that self-doubt melts away because I see how much he wants me.

(For those of you in marriages where your husband isn’t interested in sex, I’m so sorry. These posts may be of more help today: When your husband won’t initiate sex, and when your husband doesn’t want to make love.)

Of course most men, who want to be good lovers, try to “take their time” so that we have time to catch up. But every now and then I find it fun to see how fast the whole process can go–to see how passionate my husband feels about me.

When the only man who is allowed to see you naked can be that carried away by you–can you revel in how he sees you? I sometimes wonder if God gave men a powerful sex drive just so that they could be a confidence booster to their wives! When we feel as if we don’t measure up, our husband shows us, “to me, you’re amazing!” We can captivate them, and knowing that, I think, boosts our confidence so that we can be more effective in other areas of our lives, too. We don’t need to be insecure, so we can thrive where God has planted us.

So many of us are so wounded about our worth. Whether it’s childhood trauma or just growing up in this culture which measures our worth in impossible ways, we turn to self-hatred. Let’s face it: if a friend talked to you the way that you talk to yourself, how long would that person be your friend?

Today, can you listen to your husband? If you’re feeling badly about yourself, let him be the confidence booster you need! Flirt a little. Initiate sex. And then YOU be the aggressor. Let him go wild, and then believe him when he says that he finds you irresistible.

God says to us, “You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.” (Song of Solomon 4:7). And maybe God knew that women would have a difficult time believing that, so he gave us our husbands to show us that we do inspire passion. We are worth pursuing. God wants you to know that the very fiber of your being–because it’s true!

Gross Culture - How Sex Can Help You Feel POWERFUL!

Whenever I write a post, I know that there is a segment of people that the post doesn’t apply to. It’s hard to reach all marriages! If you’re in a marriage where you feel like your husband doesn’t find you attractive at all, then this post is better for you. And I’m so sorry for the hurt you’re feeling!

Friday Round Up - How Sex Can Help You Feel POWERFUL!

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