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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if gifts could actually be meaningful–not just another kettle from Wal-Mart, but something that shares your heart, that tells a story, that is cherished?

And wouldn’t it be great if that gift didn’t have to take a lot of time or a lot of money?

I know I don’t normally post on Saturdays, but right now we’re in the middle of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale, and I just have so much I want to share with you that I thought I needed to post again today.

This collection of over 93 ebooks, ecourses, and printables is worth over $1,000, and it comes with over $250 in bonuses. And it’s only $29.97. But it’s only available until Monday

I’ve been a part of bundle sales for the last three years, and I absolutely love them. It’s kind of like a grab bag at a store–you don’t always know what you’re going to get, but the surprise is so much fun! And with each bundle, there is always ONE resource that changes everything.

Last year it was a book on paperless home organization that helped me be so much more productive. A year before it was about finally helping me quit the Diet Pepsi habit. A year before that it was all about essential oils and getting my meal planning under control.

This year I scoured the all-new resources, and found the gem for me.

Thinking Outside the Gift Box is all about giving meaningful gifts, with 75 actionable gift ideas, 11 of which even come with a downloadable printable to help you carry it out to completion. They’re not all DIY gifts (as in things you make). Sometimes it’s things you buy but put together in a certain way. But all of them make the person receiving the gift feel so special.

I can’t share all 75 meaningful gift ideas, but I want to share 10–with variations on how I’ve used them.

I was bawling when I read those ideas in this book. Seriously bawling. All I could think of was, “how would I feel if someone did this for me?” And it takes a lot to make me emotional. So here goes! I hope I get you bawling, too, with just this snapshot of some of the ideas. And then you can check the rest of them out in the Homemaking Bundle!

10 Meaningful DIY Gifts That Share Your Heart:

1. The Survival Kit

For my daughter’s 18th birthday, her youth leader came out to dinner with us and bought Rebecca a bunch of things she’d need when she moved out–a collander, some measuring cups, a potato peeler, a spatula. They didn’t cost very much, but it was meaningful, because it said: “I launch you into adulthood and celebrate this milestone with you!”

This year, when my girls were both in exams at university, I mailed them each an “Exam Survival Kit”.

Exam Survival Kit

They loved it (and even considered it Instagram worthy!)

I even earned the hashtag #bestmomever:

One of my favourite treats from my exam care package ???? chocolate covered GIANT marshmallow! Such a great post-exam reward.

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2. The “Map” Idea–Remember Important Places

You can frame maps of important places–where you first lived as a couple, the subway route you used to take to your first job, a map of your college campus.

Or make coasters out of maps of all the cities where you’ve lived as a couple–or where your parents have lived!

A couple in my extended family has just moved quite far away, and I drew her name for our Christmas family gift exchange this year. I’m going to use this idea to remind her of where she used to live–and where we are still!

3. “This is the Place Where..”

Instead of just creating a photo album, create one that tells a story. Lauren has so many different gift ideas of how to tell “this is the place where…” something important happened. Here’s my creation (but she has printables you can use to make your own!) (I snapped this picture of Rebecca’s old bedroom the day before her wedding):

This is the Place DIY Gift: Ideas for Meaningful Gifts

My girls also gave me a variation on the “This is the Place” idea at Christmas. They took an old family photograph and recreated it:


4. Letters That Tell the Story of Your Relationship

Lauren says, “In this over-digitized age, a letter penned in ink on paper cuts through the white noise.”

For her 18th birthday, my daughter Katie’s friend Charis sent her a 3-page hand-written letter and a collage of pictures of them together from Facebook:

DIY Gifts Letter

DIY Gift Ideas: Handwritten Letters

5. Thank You Gifts That are Special

When Lauren graduated from Wheaton College, she had a friend take a picture of her holding up each of the letters in the words “Thank You” at different important places around the university. A “T” here, a “Y” here. And then she printed them out so they spelled thank you. Her parents had paid for college, and she didn’t know how to thank them enough. So she wanted to share with them the places that were most important to her.

Okay, that’s when the tears started. That gift cost her nothing but the printing of the photos, but if my girls did that, it would mean the world to me.

(I’m so buying an extra copy of this book for each of them! Wink wink).

6. Surprise lunchbox notes, suitcase notes, etc. 

Everybody loves a surprise note in a lunchbox or suitcase, and Thinking Outside the GiftBox has lots of printables and prompts you can use!

7. Surprise note scavenger hunt!

The very first Valentine’s Day when my husband and I were dating, I snuck into his room and hid a bunch of red cut out hearts all over his room. Together they spelled “I love you”.

For our 21st anniversary I did the same thing, with a bit of a spin on it. I cut out 21 hearts with numbers on one side, and a memory on the other. I hid them in places he’d find them–in a book he was reading, in a suit jacket pocket, in his wallet. It took him a year and a half to find the last one (he hardly ever wears that suit!), but he finally found all 21. And he still keeps them by his bedside table.


8. Framing Important Memories

Lots of things besides pictures can be put in frames!

When my mother went on her first trip to the Mulli Children’s Family home in Kenya (she’s been 8 times now), she brought over a ton of yarn (almost literally) and a lot of needles, and taught some women to knit. They knit up squares just to practice, and here’s a swatch that a woman did–the first time she picked up needles ever. And she combined colours we never would have thought of! Mom brought that swatch home, and it was sitting over a chair for years until it was framed.

Framed Knitting

A few years ago I took all the tiny little square swatches they knit and made them into a blanket for Mom, too:

DIY Gifts: Knitting Squares Together in a Blanket

I know other people have done similar things, creating blankets or quilts with old T-shirts or baby clothes or even wedding dresses. So special!

9. Blessing the Person–Calling Out What You See in Them

When Katie turned 16, Rebecca (her older sister) emailed all of Katie’s friends and asked them to share words that described Katie. She took those and make them into a collage and framed it.

The Power of Words Gift

Katie took it with her when she moved to Ottawa. It’s still important to her.

And here’s a fun one that some friends from Pennsylvania also gave her for her 16th birthday:

DIY Gifts

10. Giving the Gift of Time

Often what people want is just TIME to spend together. My kids this year gave their grandmothers some coupons for Facebook help. Giving someone a coupon for a coffee shop, and then saying, “And I’ll come with you!”, is another way to make this meaningful. Let them know, “I don’t just want to give you something. I want to share an experience with you!” Lauren has printables for that, too.

So there you go! 10 ideas for awesome meaningful gifts that will make you tear up, and help others to know they are loved.

Thinking Outside the Gift Box retails for $10, but it’s part of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this week, which is only $29.97. And you get 92 other resources, too, plus another $250 in bonuses.

This is such a great deal, and one that will bless you, and help you bless others, for years to come.

But it’s all gone on Monday at midnight, so get it now!


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