Have date nights become blah? Do you yearn for something out of the ordinary?

Well, today I’ve got some creative date night ideas that will inspire the artist in  you (even if you don’t really have one. 🙂 )

Crystal Parker is an artist and a homeschooler, and today she joins us for Top 10 Tuesday with some awesome ideas for fun “artsy” date nights!

Here’s Crystal:

10 Artsy Date Night Ideas--Creative things to do on a date, even if you're not artsy!

Your husband loves you and loves spending time with you! Take the load off him with these fun artistic dates you’ll both love!

All ten dates are man approved.

Here’s the story. I’m artistic, but my hubby–well he appreciates the arts, but for the present time he’s not exactly artistic. I like artistic dates. Him, well… he just likes dates. Me. Him. Together. Having fun. Then turning in for a pleasant snuggle. We’ve been on plenty of artistic dates, night time art festivals, painting together, you know!

Then there was the time we decided to visit the central art gallery with two toddlers… the day I went into labour with my third! You know, I actually knew I was going into labour on the way out the door. But we’d planned it for days and I really, really wanted to go… so I progressed through the first stage walking around the gallery pushing a double stroller! True story.

I want to give you some fun crazy date ideas your husband will love that you won’t find anywhere else. These are not go to the gallery with the kids type dates. These are the unforgettable ones!

Before I reveal these unforgettable dates, I want to share with you what men say it takes to make a good date from a husband’s perspective. I interviewed two men: my Hubby and my Dad.

I asked: “What makes a date good from a husband’s perspective?

Hubby said,

Having something fun to do together with a clear idea of what you’re doing, that’s not too complicated. It’s nice to have an alternative to watching a movie, because if the movie’s no good the date’s not as fun. It’s nice to not have to rely on a movie.

Dad said,

When there’s no pressure. The problem with a date that’s full of pressure is no matter what you do you’re bound to fail. If it’s a date you can’t fail at, that’s good. Whatever you do make it so the man feels as if he’s been a success, the woman has enjoyed the date and he hasn’t been a failure. If you make him a success he’ll do it again. If you make him a failure the next time he’ll come kicking and screaming! A man likes to win.

Ten artistic dates that are better than a movie and are guaranteed winners!

Four artistic dates staying in:

1. Quick abstract life paintings.

This is one where you both take your clothes off! Make sure the kids are asleep or better yet out of the house. Crank the heat up!

Make sure you have: canvases, bright colored paints, a disposable tablecloth to catch paint drops and a bottle of wine. Take turns being the model and the artist. Make it quick and fun; a long laborious painting is no fun for the model!

Use large, abstract, full arm strokes with a large brush and lots of fun colors. Analogous color schemes are easy on the eyes, complimentary color schemes are exciting. You don’t have to keep the paintings, but if you intend to then pick a color scheme you’ll enjoy.

2. Body art with face paints.

You don’t need professional body paints to do body art, kids face paints are good enough! Think of it like temporary tattoos but ten times as fun. This one you can do in the privacy of your bedroom!

Keep it small and simple you don’t want something that’s going to take forever to wash off. On the chest or back. Men like things like claws, sharks and tigers… so make sure you don’t paint a butterfly on your hubby’s shoulder! Let him paint a butterfly in the small of your back, he’ll enjoy that.

If you take pictures to document the date… please for the love of your children; nothing showing! You can close out the date with a nice together shower.

3. Mural night… surprise the kids.

Are your kids still young enough to want princesses or superheroes painted on their bedroom wall? Does hubby enjoy bonding over projects?

To make a date of it: don’t tell the kids what you’re planning! Send them off to someone’s house for a sleepover and make it a total surprise!

Not confident enough to design a mural? No problem just get a stencil kit… lots of fun and so easy. Order pizza, crank the music and have a painting party!

Artsy Date Night Ideas: Paint a Mural!

4. I’m going to rip the clothes right off you! Literally.

This is a completely outrageous and hilarious date night that will make you laugh for years! I didn’t come up with this one. Definitely get the kids out of the house!

Get a large roll of paper and some tape. Then make clothes for each other… revealing clothes, maybe?

The point is when you’re done you get to tear the other person’s clothes off! And nothing is harmed or hurt! The advantage is you start naked and you end naked… there’s no downside. Only the brave!

Six artistic date nights going out:

5. The photo shoot!

You dress up fabulous, but he doesn’t. Then have photo shoots in public places around town. Everyone will think you’re a model and he’s your photographer!

As long as you’re not shy it’s great fun! You can laugh together about everyone wondering what is that about. It works better with a good camera, you can always rent one. Even better as a group date!

Artistic Date Ideas: The photo shoot!


Artistic Date Ideas: The Photo Shoot

6. Nature photography hike.

He will enjoy the hike and the quiet time together. You should pick the level of intensity to fit you and your husband’s fitness levels.

Set out with a theme of what you want to photograph, for example wildflowers creating a photographic bouquet, birds, trees, squirrels, etc.

Pack a picnic lunch in a backpack for a really great time!

(Sheila says: This is one my husband and I do all the time! We love taking hikes, and Keith’s a great photographer!)

Artistic Date Ideas: The Nature Photography Hike



7. People watching and sketching.

Go to a public place and people watch and sketch. You should both have sketchpads and pencils. You won’t have time to sketch entire people… just little bits like pigtails or funny jackets. The fun part is comparing drawings and asking, “did you pick out that person… did you notice!”

Talk. Do sketches. Laugh at each other’s sketches, it’s a casual and fun date. Toss the sketch pads or keep them when you’re done. It’s all about the experience not the end result!

Artsy Date Night Ideas: Go sketching in the park!

8. Drive to an intimate local gallery.

The drive is the main part of the date to the man, when you talk and relax. Pick a small gallery twenty to thirty minutes away. A small gallery means you can enjoy the whole place without spending so long that your husband gets bored.

Buy some small things to support the gallery. After you can get drinks and snacks somewhere new!

Artistic Date Ideas: Visit a Gallery!

9. Beach art.

Go to a beach with large rocks and build a large inuit rock sculpture. Beaches are always fun, but building something together makes for a memorable date.

Artsy Date Night Ideas: Beach Art

A rock sculpture is especially satisfying to a man because it requires him to lift large rocks demonstrating his strength and feeling strong. Take pictures of him carrying rocks and tell him how strong he is! He’ll really enjoy this date!

Artsy Date Night Ideas: Beach Art!

10. Car show calendar.

My father always loved antique car shows, and now thanks to him so does my hubby. I don’t mind, I spent many happy childhood days attending them with my Dad. Here’s a fun way to make a car show really fun for both of you in an artistic way!

Dress up beforehand like a 50-60’s model and take a camera for your husband. At the car show take lots of photos posing with cars. When you get home you can use the photos to make an incredible calendar! You can use an online printer to have copies printed.

Do you have any other fun artistic date ideas? Or what’s a date your hubby really enjoyed? Let’s talk in the comments!

profileCrystal Parker is a self trained artist who helps busy moms give the gift of art to their teens. She is creating an online homeschool art curriculum for teens and she shares free art resources on her website inspiremyartist.com.

Get her free ebook, “The minimum a homeschooler needs to start painting with acrylics”, here.

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