As my long-time readers know, I’m a big proponent of fighting the frump!

When we take care of our appearance, we feel more confident. And that comes out in the way we treat others and we treat ourselves.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 16. My vision’s not that bad–when I’m at home I don’t wear anything at all–but I need glasses when I’m driving or when I’m in church and I actually want to make out the expressions on people’s faces. I turned to contacts early on, because I felt I looked better with them. But contacts are a pain. And they’re expensive.

And the worst thing is this: Now that I’m in my 40s, if I have my contacts in, I can’t read a thing. I need to put reading glasses on too. Without contacts I’m fine on my computer or when I’m knitting or reading; with contacts I need the glasses. And when I’m out at restaurants I can’t actually see my food.

So I’ve decided that I need to start wearing glasses more, because then I can take them off when I need to see something up close. I started wearing my old faithfuls for about a year, that I’ve had for maybe 7 years, and then the lenses popped out. So I rummaged around in a drawer and I found some silver rimmed glasses that I bought when Katie was a baby (my prescription really hasn’t changed much). And I’ve been wearing those for the last few months. Who cares if they’re 17 years old?

Current Glasses

The only thing is that they’re seriously unfashionable. So I decided it was time to start feeling better about glasses!

Pearle Vision is a one-stop shop–you can call or book an appointment online, and then you just choose your eyewear after that. I booked online, and then they sent me a text to remind me of my appointment and even set it up in my Google calendar and sent me a map of how to get there (though my hometown only has one mall. It wasn’t that hard!). Considering I’ve forgotten doctor’s appointments before, it was actually super nice and automated.

I went in and the staff was very friendly and we joked around quite a bit. They tested my field of vision and my pressures (I’ve got a serious family history of glaucoma, so I have to get my pressures checked every year).

Pressure Exams

And then the optometrist did my eye exam.

Eye Exam

The doctor was super thorough, and I was really impressed. I’ve gone to some other optometrists in my hometown, and they haven’t done as much testing, and they didn’t pick up my slight astigmatism (someone out of town picked it up a while ago, too). He picked up everything. And he talked to me at length about my concerns about my high pressures, and even told me what my daughters should be doing at their ages based on our family history.

Then I headed over to check out glasses. The optician helped me first try some ones that were AWFUL. (I think she liked picking those out for me!) You know–the kind that would look really good if you had a certain personality and you were 70. They just weren’t me!


Round glasses are in. But not on MY face.


And my mom would love these purple ones–but to me they look like a grandma.


So then we turned to ones that would look good. First she showed me a pair in my comfort zone–the total metal frames.

Metal Frames

Not bad, but too much like what I’ve been wearing for 20 years. I always chose them because I wanted them to be invisible.

Then we went to more modern frames. A little dark–but I thought they were actually interesting:

Nice 2

These had a purple hue that I liked, but I was afraid they wouldn’t go with everything:

Nice 3

After texting a pic of these to both of my daughters for their approval, this is what I chose:

Ones I Went With

Totally different from what I’ve always worn!

One thing I learned was to ask the optician for advice. She works with the glasses everyday, so she knows what looks good on people. She made me try on stuff I NEVER would have chosen, and that’s what I ended up going with! It’s kind of like how I just let my hairdresser do whatever she wants. (I think that’s why I’m one of her favourite clients!)

So we did the paperwork, and I came out with new glasses and renewed confidence that my pressures are still in the normal range (even if they’re on the extreme high of normal).


The whole thing took about 40 minutes, and that was with some serious chatting with everyone who worked there (they were all super friendly.) And Pearle Vision is great at direct billing your insurance if you have it, too. My exam was so thorough, and he explained the problem of high pressures to me better than any other doctor I’ve ever seen. So I’ll definitely go back! You can find Pearle Vision on Facebook and YouTube, too.

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