The first night I met my husband I thought he was seriously goofy.

Night I Met Husband - Wifey Wednesday: 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Keith

It’s Wednesday, the day when we always talk marriage! And today I thought I’d give you the inside peek on how my marriage started.

Earlier this month I took my daughter Katie to Nashville so she could film some videos with the YouTube ensemble Blimey Cow–Josh and Jordan Taylor, and Josh’s wife Kelli.

They spent most of the day filming, but I did have dinner with all of them, and we got talking. And then I found Kelli’s blog, and this cute post she wrote called 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Josh. So fun reading about other people’s love stories!

And it got me thinking–what was it like when I met Keith? Some of you may actually like to know (or not. But I’m going to write it anyway).

So let me tell you the story.

I was in my first year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and I was seriously infatuated with this 24-year-old Master’s student whom I eventually ended up dating for a while.

I also had made a number of friends in the campus IVCF group, including Evelyn (who became my best friend and my future roommate) and her future boyfriend, Rob. In fact, the three of us used to hang out in my apartment.

Now, it turns out that Rob and Evelyn both knew this guy named Keith, but somehow, even though I attended all of the IVCF events all year, by mid-January I hadn’t met him yet. But I had said that I was interested in joining a Christian drama group, and one night we had a meeting where they ordered pizza and gave us desserts (so all the students would come) and talked about what we could do on campus.

And that’s where I met Keith. So what are my 3 things I remember?

  1. He was really dorky. His clothes weren’t particular fashionable, he didn’t have a particularly fashionable haircut or anything, and he was obviously brilliant.
  2. He quickly became the life of the party. He told funny jokes and EVERYBODY was listening to him. Even though we were among the younger students there, he became the focal point.
  3. He did this super silly thing of deciding to freeze–not blinking and not moving–to see how long he could stay that way with all of us trying to get him to stop. I didn’t try. I thought it was dorky (see #1, above). But he told me later that he did it to try to get my attention.

We both ended up joining the drama troupe, and we ended up practising together a lot that spring. He quickly became my best friend, and when everything fell apart with that 24-year-old guy, he was there and he understood.

KeithSheila92 - Wifey Wednesday: 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Keith

Keith and I were pretty much best friends from that time forward, but we didn’t develop romantic feelings for about a year after that. Keith and I had a rocky courtship (I detail a lot of it in my book, 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage), because we fell for each other hard once we finally did start to date, but then he broke off our engagement.

Our best friends were also engaged, and their engagement also ended, and during the summer when we were all broken up my friend Evelyn and I took off to England to get our minds on something else.

SheilaEvelyn - Wifey Wednesday: 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Keith

But then, later that year, Keith and I got back together and they got back together, and next year we’ll each have our 25th anniversaries. I’m hoping we’ll get together and do something (hint hint: Evelyn, you say you read my posts, so let’s plan on it!).

KeithSheilaGraduation - Wifey Wednesday: 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Keith

So it was friends from first sight, but not love at first sight. And our courtship was not perfect. But our marriage is awfully fun, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Incidentally, here’s Keith yesterday, reading 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage. We’re flying out to Colorado next week to record for Focus on the Family, and they want both of us in the broadcast. So he figured he had better brush up on what I said in the book! (his comment: It’s a seriously good book. Not as life changing for ME personally as The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, but still seriously good.)

KeithReading - Wifey Wednesday: 3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Keith

Now I’ll throw the question out to you: what are three things you remember about the time you met your husband? Was it love at first sight, or were you overwhelmed with his dorkiness, too (just like Kelli and me!)? Let me know in the comments!

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