If you don’t live near your fiance/significant other, you can still have a great time together! And since we’re all about romance and love here at To Love, Honor and Vacuum, I thought I’d share 10 great long distance date ideas here for Top 10 Tuesday.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, those of us in relationships are thinking about spending the day with our beloved. But it can be a tough day if you live hundreds, or even thousands, of miles apart. Yesterday I talked about how to be romantic, even if you’re a little romance challenged. Today let’s talk about how to be romantic even if you’re dating long distance.

Dating long distance (or living long distance for work while you’re married) means that you have to be more creative to make memories.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. In fact, because you have to be so creative and deliberate you can even get to know each other better long distance than you would have had you been dating in the same city. You need to talk, so you’ll really get to know things about each other.

And you’ll learn to have fun without necessarily just watching a screen or doing something passive (or spending all your time making out!). When you’re in the same city, it’s easy to just sit next to each other and watch something without actually talking or having to make much of an effort. When you’re apart, you have to let words fill the space.

I asked on Facebook last week for some long distance date ideas, and you all gave some great ideas! So check out the post for lots of other ones. But here are some long distance romantic evenings you can experience together, beyond the typical “FaceTiming”. After all, just Skyping can get kind of old after a while, and you still want to feel like you’re romancing each other. Here are 10 ideas for creating long distance memories:

Top 10 Long Distance Date Ideas for Christian couples. Think outside the box so you can create some memories together!

1. Go to a Chain restaurant together and order together

Want a dinner out? You can still do it! Pick the same restaurant and go at the same time, while FaceTiming. Talk about what you’re ordering, and prop up your phone or tablet so you can talk throughout the meal. It may be a table for one, but you don’t have to eat alone. And I’m sure the wait staff will think it’s really cute!

2. Show your beloved the highlights of your city on FaceTime

Take turns giving each other tours of your town. FaceTime while you walk and show your beloved where you work, where you go to school, where you hang out–or even show him or her some historical landmarks.

Even if it’s just a simple “walk”, that’s okay, too. Before my daughter moved out we used to take walks everyday and just chat. Now she’s away at school, but we still take “walks” together after dinner, talking on the phone. Sometimes that’s easier than sitting at home talking, because it feels a little more special, and you’re not as distracted with all the things in your home.

3. Use Conversation Starters

101 Questions to Ask Before You Get EngagedGetting tired of simple Skype chats? Do them with a purpose!

  1. Use my 50 Conversation Starters for Couples!
  2. Play the “Would you rather” game. Lots show up on Google, too!
  3. Spend each day talking about a new “year” of memories–today we talk about your best (and worst) memories from grade 1, and each conversation we move up a year until we get to the present day. Even text each other photos of the year that you’re talking about.
  4. If your relationship has progressed and is more serious, try the book 101 Questions to Ask Before You Get Engaged.

4. Watch a Netflix movie at the same time

What would you do if you were in the same town? You’d probably hang out and watch a bunch of movies. But you can still do that long distance! Choose the same movie on Netflix, hit play at roughly the same time, and enjoy it together. On Facebook one of my readers recommended Synaptop, which allows you to watch movies and TV shows with other people online. Such a cool idea!

5. Play a game–chess or checkers or something else you love

Choose a 2-player game to play where you each have a copy. Or play chess or checkers with an online version.

And, of course, you can always play video games online, too. A good friend of mine even met her now-husband that way (though he lived in Arkansas and she lived in Ontario!). I really recommend not letting video games be the majority of what you do together, though, because you need time to just talk or experience “real life”, too. (And that’s what my friend did once they graduated to an actual relationship!)

6. Do a Scavenger Hunt together

Choose a theme–like as many items as you can find under $2 that remind us of our first date, or our favourite band, or our favourite movie. Then either buy them as a memento or take pictures together. The key: you both have to do it at the same time, so you can show each other what you’ve found.

7. Have a Selfie contest

Here’s a variation on the scavenger hunt idea: each of you go out on the town taking selfies to show each other: a selfie with your best friend; a selfie with the grocery clerk where you buy your milk; a selfie with the town monument. Make a list of 10 funny things, and see who can get the most hilarious shots.

Long Distance Date Ideas--10 new ways to create memories!

8. Do a Bible study together

If you can pray together, your relationship will stay rock solid! And building your relationship on the study of Scripture means that you know that God will always be a central part of your marriage.

So be proactive. Buy a Bible study book to work through together, and make a regular date for it–say, every Tuesday at 7:30 we’ll do the study together. And pray for each other at the same time.

9. Read a book out loud together

Big TroubleOne of my favourite memories with my husband was when we read humor writer Dave Barry’s novels and books of columns out loud together. We’d be laughing so hard at times we could barely breathe!

His novels were the best–we wheezed all the way through Big Trouble (the movie was funny, too, but the book was amazing, even if it was rude at times). But his columns are really funny, too, and Keith just loved Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys.

Of course you can read a more serious book, but sometimes we just need to have fun! One person could read out loud while someone else did housework.

10. Bring him home to meet Mom

Finally, include your beloved in your family events! Having dinner with your family? Bring the computer along and put him on the dining room table so he can be part of the conversation.

So there you go–10 long distance date ideas to help you build your relationship and create memories. Even if you’re away from your beloved this Valentine’s Day, you can still spend it together doing something interesting.

Let me know in the comments: What did you do to create memories if you dated long distance?

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