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Have you ever noticed that movies and TV shows make women’s sex drives look just like men’s?

Here’s what happens, pretty much every time: the couple’s together, and they start to pant. So they fall into each other’s arms and they begin to kiss. Then the clothes come off. And then they end up in bed.

They pant, they kiss, they take off their clothes, and they end up in bed.

Pant. Kiss. Clothes. Bed.

Every time.

If this is what you see, over and over, you may begin to think that’s natural.

So there you are, at home with your husband, and you’re waiting to pant.

And nothing happens.

So you figure, “I guess I’m just not in the mood”, and you return to browsing Pinterest or you go and make another cup of tea.

That’s the beginning of the article I wrote for Intentional by Grace–so fun to be guest posting there today! I invite you to click on over and read the rest of it–you may relate just a little too much. 🙂

Read the Rest Here

I’m going to be doing a Periscope broadcast today, probably around 4 EST, to talk about this whole phenomenon of Pant. Kiss. Clothes. Bed. It’ll be a riot! Don’t miss it. Periscope is like YouTube, but it’s live, and you can interact. And then you can watch the broadcasts afterwards if you miss it. So come find me–I’m Sheila Gregoire on Periscope. And I’ll be announcing it all on Twitter, too!

I did my first Periscope broadcast yesterday (you can still watch it if you find me on Periscope), and it was fun! And I’m going to get better at it. I hope to do one everyday to tell people what’s going on inside Sheila’s head about today’s post.

Raising Kids You Actually Like Is Coming!

Raising Kids You Actually Like--Coming Soon!

I’ve had so many requests from people saying, “can you put all your parenting stuff in one place?”

I don’t write very much about parenting anymore, as my kids have gotten older. And, of course, my focus has turned more to marriage because I’ve written so many books about it.

But I hired a summer student last year to pull all of my parenting posts off the blog. There were 70,000 words. The average book is 50,000 words. Man. I wrote more than an average book!

Then I cut and cut and focused just on the posts about discipline and creating relationships with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary aged kids. (I’m doing a separate ebook on teenagers soon!). I added some material and some commentary, and put them together in a way that told a story and that had a theme. And I REALLY like it. I never realized how much I wrote about parenting!

And as I started to read I noticed a thread that I’d put in the posts. I thought I was writing a book about discipline, but over and over, in these posts, I said, “don’t discipline a child when the issue is YOURS.” I focused more on priorities and sorting out if our schedule is just too disorganized or if we’re not spending enough time building a relationship with our kids. Yes, there’s a lot about how to discipline and draw lines–and even about tone of voice. But all of that is so much less necessary if your kids know you love them, if they’re not hurried, if you have one on one time with them, and if you talk to them a lot. So the real issue is: how do you make that fun?

We’re putting the final touches on the design, and it will be all ready to go next Monday!

You Can Get the Book Free–and Lots of Other Stuff, Too!


When my daughter Katie was filming her videos with Blimey Cow in Nashville last week I got talking to the three brilliant young people behind the Blimey Cow channel. And I heard about this thing called “Patreon”, where people can pledge a really small amount a month to help out their favourite artists/writers.

And it got my brain going in a ton of different directions. I’m so psyched! I’ll be writing more about this tomorrow, but I created my own Patreon account.

I want this to be a win-win.

Here’s what will happen on the blog: Absolutely nothing. That’s right. Nothing will change. I’ll still have free content. I’ll still write everyday. I’ll still send out my newsletters.

BUT, with the support, I’ll be able to get rid of some ads here and hire some university students to help me with technical stuff so that I have more time to do the Periscope broadcasts I want to start!

And best of all, with the support, I want to fund some marriage missions trips to Kenya/Tanzania and Hungary/Poland. I’ve been invited there, and we’re actively trying to get things in place to go in 2018. But I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I want to self-fund and bring a ton of resources to bless people with. And that costs money.

That’s the win for me and for them.

What about for you?

When you sign up, there are all kinds of extras and goodies you’ll get! Of course, you’ll get my new ebook–Raising Kids You Actually Like–free! Then every week you’ll get an email from me that will show you all the articles I’ve read and liked around the internet, quotes from books I’ve read and videos I’ve watched–with commentary about how these things have got me thinking or have influenced my posts this week.

You’ll get free ebooks, free audio downloads, chances to ask me questions personally, invitations to exclusive chat sessions, money off on having me speak at your church, and, if you give enough, I’ll even knit you a scarf.

It’s a chance for you to go behind the scenes with me, and a chance for us to interact more!

I’ve been exploring Patreon for a few days now, and I really like the potential. My page is live, though I’m filming some videos to add to it today. I want to do a major launch tomorrow. But come on over and take a look! And maybe become one of my sponsors, and it will be a win-win for everyone!

Yes! I want to support Sheila (and pick her brain. Which isn’t as gross as it sounds).

Whew. So this is a big week for me! I’m launching the ebook, and I’m starting Periscope, and I’m launching Patreon, and I’m excited to see what happens. And I’d love to get to know some of you better!

Any Periscope tips you can share with me? Or any freebies you’d like to get if you were a Patreon supporter? Let me know in the comments!

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