This is my 413th Wifey Wednesday. Wow.

And it’s my 2,217th post overall.

That’s a lot of content on this blog. Almost 50,000 comments. I can’t even imagine how many words.

I’ve been writing this blog since March of 2008. It started out as a hobby; I really feel like it’s become a calling. I have a huge long list of posts I want to write about: suggestions that you’ve all made; reader questions that I get sent; things I read about in the news that I want to comment on. I keep thinking I’ll run out of material, but I never do, because I just love thinking and talking about marriage, family, and faith!

I actually have more I want to say than I have days to post. And I know so many of  you have questions you’d like to ask, or you’d like to just get behind the scenes more and see where I come up with some of this stuff.

Enter Patreon.

patreon logo - Wifey Wednesday: Get Inside Sheila's Brain!

When I was in Nashville with Katie last week, we met with Blimey Cow, the YouTube group that has a ton of followers. And Katie filmed two videos with them (and one for her channel). And I got talking to them about how they do their channel, and they told me about Patreon.

Here’s what it is: It allows people who enjoy your stuff to support you with a small monthly donation (say $5), and then in return they get some rewards.

My brain started spinning, and I could see all kinds of possibilities for this. So I’ve created what I hope is a win-win-win. Here I am talking about it:

A Win for You

Each person who becomes a “patron” will get access to a special post every week with a list of all the articles I’ve found interesting around the web this week, quotes from books I’m reading, thoughts on my devotions, YouTube videos I’ve read, whatever–all the reasoning that’s gone into the posts this week, and what I’m planning on writing in the future.

Oh, and you’ll get family photos and an inside peek at our lives, too!

You’ll also get every ebook that I publish from now on, FREE (including my newest one that’s releasing on Monday, Raising Kids You Actually Like!).

Plus at different levels of support you’ll receive physical books, audio downloads, a chance to ask me questions, invitations to chat sessions, free webinar tuition, a free Ultimate Ebook Bundle once a year, and I may even knit you a scarf!

In fact, the first twenty people who sign up, regardless of level of support, will get entered into a draw where you could win me knitting you a scarf. Personally!

See more abut supporting me on Patreon here.

A Win for Me

Here’s what I want: I’m not looking to get rich. I’d just like some money to pay for some assistants to do some behind-the-scenes stuff at the blog to free up about 4 hours a week for me. I have two university students I’d like to hire (who really need the money!), and then I’m going to take that free time and dedicate it to figuring out Periscope (the app that lets you live broadcast). I’ve done two so far; they’re fun. I’ve always wanted to do more video, but it takes a LOT of time (I’ve seen Katie do it!). But Periscope is instantaneous! So it really appeals to me.

And I’d like more time to fix up some of the older posts here.

Plus I’d like to get rid of some of the ads, especially the one at the top of the blog. The problem is that those ads pay for my graphics and my web hosting every month. But if the money is coming in another way, I could get rid of it. And that sounds great!

A Win for Others

The major goal, though, is that both my husband and I have been praying about what we can do overseas. Not right now, but in a few years we’d like to head overseas for several months at a time, maybe every year. And we’re hoping to get started with two shorter missions trips in the spring of 2018: one to Kenya/Tanzania, and one to Hungary/Poland. We’ve been invited to both places, but we want to do it right. Several members of my team will have to come along, and we’re reaching out and making contacts now. And we want to bring lots of resources with us to bless people there. I’m hoping to train local leaders to teach about sex, and we’re hoping to help them adapt some of the marriage conferences we do for their culture. So it will more be about working with leaders to expand marriage ministry, especially in East Africa where there’s not the culture or history of a strong, monogamous Christian marriage.

So with your support, we can start a fund for that!

With about $4000 a month in support, I can do all of that. But that’s a LOT to ask for.

And if I get more than that? (I can dream, can’t I?). Then there’s an anti-child-sex-slave initiative in Calcutta that my husband and I are supporting, and we’d like to expand that.

So again, this isn’t about me getting rich. This is about doing the blog better, and then taking this message of God’s design for marriage and healthy sexuality to other parts of the earth.

I’ve never really asked you all for anything before.

Okay, I’ve asked you to buy my books (and you really should!), but I’ve never asked for anything like this.

But today I’m asking. And remember: when you do sign up, you’re going to get a LOT of rewards. Read all about them here. You can know that you’re supporting my blog and getting the inside scoop on so many things, but you can also know that the money you’re sending is going to something really worthwhile.

Keith and I are meeting with the guy who is raising money for the Calcutta home tonight; I hope to tell you more about that tomorrow. We’re going to support it regardless, but wouldn’t it be great if enough people gave $5 or $10 a month that you could also know that you’re supporting rescuing girls and boys from the sex trade?

See more abut supporting me on Patreon here.

This blog won’t change.

I’m still going to do everything the same: posts every weekday, my marriage newsletter once a month, other newsletters throughout the month. I really enjoy doing this! And I feel like I have something important to offer.

But I’ve been praying a lot lately for God to expand His reach, and to take this marriage message to more places. And I’d really like it if you’d help me. And in return, you really will get a LOT of fun rewards!

My first goal is for $480 to pay for the university students. I’m already $40 towards that goal from pledges that came in yesterday. My big goal is $3480 to do EVERYTHING–get rid of the ad, hire the students, and get enough money to send all of our team to Africa and Eastern Europe, equipped with lots of resources to leave behind.

But think about it this way: 30,000 people read my newsletters every month. 30,000 people end up on this blog everyday. 45,000 people engage with me on Facebook. If 30,000 people gave $5 a month–we could give so much money to the anti-sex-slave initiative that we’d make a HUGE dent!

Now, obviously you can give there yourself (and I hope you do! I’ll put the link in Friday’s newsletter). But if you give through me, you’ll also get all kinds of goodies. So it’s a win-win!

So 413 Wifey Wednesdays on, I’m asking. If you appreciate what I write, will you consider supporting the blog with a small donation? If not, that’s truly okay. But if you’d like to say “thank you” to me, then this is a great way to do it. And in return, I’ll say “thank you” to you with lots of ways to get inside my brain–and behind the scenes.

See more abut supporting me on Patreon here.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate this community, and all the emails you all send me. And I’m excited to see what God’s going to do next!

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