Want to know how to have a perfect Christian girl Instagram account?

My daughter Katie has some advice for you!

How to have the perfect Christian girl Instagram (funny video!)

She put this video up on Facebook last week and so far it’s been viewed, at last count, 410,000 times. The most viral thing she’s ever done.

Yes, it’s a tad sarcastic. 🙂

I thought I’d share it because some of you may have seen it last week and not realized it was my daughter! And if you missed it, then you’ve got to see it.

Also, I’m lazy. Or at least I’m really busy. I had a great time giving my Girl Talk in Tyler, Texas last week, and now I’m heading to Nashville where Katie is going to be filming some videos before I finally head back home after a month on the road. I’ve been working getting blog posts up at RV sites with sketchy wifi, so it’s been a bit of a challenge. I’ve been trying to keep up with blog posts and newsletters and with getting ready to speak, so it’s a little tiring.

But it’s also been really fun (if a little colder than I expected), and I’m looking forward to the return trip home with the RV starting in late March! And remember–I still have some dates open to speak in North Carolina or Virginia on my way back home to Ontario!

As for Katie, she usually does more serious and encouraging videos, including her series as “Katie: The Relationship Guru Who Has Never Been in a Relationship Before.” Here’s one of my favourites. And here’s one on confidence that gets to the heart of it. And I’m sure she’ll keep making those. But she had fun being sarcastic for a change, and she’ll likely do a few more of those, too.

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