THH Yell at Kids - The #1 Reason Women Yell at Their Kids

Do you yell at your kids too much?

When I was younger and I pictured myself as a mom, I never pictured exhaustion and endless laundry and children thinking I’m torturing them because I’m washing their hair. I pictured idyllic baking times with the smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting through the house, or fun craft days around the table.

And so it was a huge surprise to me when I often found myself so aggravated with my two little girls that I would raise my voice. A lot.

How could I, who loved my kids so much and who so wanted to be a good mom, yell at my kids? I went to Bible studies. I read books on children’s self-esteem. I wanted to nurture their hearts. Yet far too often my frustration level reached the roof and my voice exploded.

When my children were early into the elementary school days I realized that this had to stop, and I started analyzing those times when I yelled. What was it they were doing that was making me lose my temper?

As I dissected those times, I did learn a few things that my husband and I needed to correct in my kids: they had to have more consequences for fighting over toys; they had to nurture their relationship with each other; they had to have consequences for not listening to me the first time, and we did work on those things.

But the big thing I noticed was this: when I was yelling at my kids, the root of it almost always had to do with what was going on with me, not what was going on with them.

These are the first few paragraphs from a post I wrote for The Humbled Homemaker on the main reason moms yell at their kids! Click on through to read 4 ways to STOP yelling by addressing your own issues. It’s not as hard as you think!

I’ve had such FUN lately reaching out to other bloggers and guest posting, which I haven’t done in ages, because I’m trying to get my wonderful face in front of other people who maybe haven’t read my blog! So sorry for making you click through twice this week to read my words, but I do like those posts. Hope you don’t mind!

And now an update from my launch of my supporters’ site yesterday: I’m now 40% towards my first goal of being able to free up some of my time so I can devote more time to videos and Periscope broadcasts and things that I love. And I’ll employ some broke university students, too!

I’ve had a bunch of people support me, and last night I started writing my first “Inside Sheila’s Brain” newsletter for the supporters–the inside scoop on what I’m thinking and writing this week. And they’ll be getting my new ebook that I’m releasing next Monday–Raising Kids You Actually Like–free!

I’m excited about these possibilities. In fact, I’m hoping I can persuade many more of you to become supporters, not because you feel obligated (seriously, I don’t want anyone to be obligated!), but because you want to learn more and participate more, and you also want to partner with me. Keith and I had a meeting with a man from a missions organization we support who told us about an amazing anti-human trafficking initiative they’ve got going in Calcutta. Once I reach my basic goals of $980 a month to help this blog run better, I really want to look at raising money to expand marriage ministry and help anti-trafficking.

Here’s a video I did explaining it:

And here’s where you can support me.

Think about it: I have about 3,000 people who faithfully interact with me everyday, showing up at this blog or on Facebook. Then I have another 10,000 who faithfully come by once or twice a week, either through reading a newsletter or reading this blog. (And I have so many more that stop by once in a while, but I’m really talking to the ones who are here all the time). If even half of them gave $5 a month, we could fund a lot of anti-human trafficking initiatives, and I could go overseas to help write some great, culturally relevant curriculum on healthy sexuality to teach their leaders.

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For $480 a month (I’m 40% there!) I’ll expand what I can do to interact with readers because I’ll free up some time. For $980 a month I’ll get rid of one of my ads that drives me bonkers, so that new people to the blog get a better experience. But then for $2980 a month (I know that’s a stretch) we’ll fully fund a missions trip for 4 of us to go to Kenya and create a marriage retreat that Kenyan pastors and leaders can give, and we’ll have enough funds to bless them with more resources and work with some fledgling orphanages to rescue some girls from the sex trade. It will take about 2 years to raise the money, but that’s when we’re planning on going. And if we get more? We’ll funnel it into more missions trips and more anti-human trafficking initiatives.

Together we can do amazing things for women and girls and for healthy sexuality around the world. I hope and pray that I make a difference in your marriage. And I hope and pray that if we all join together, we can do amazing things for God elsewhere, too!

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Thank you so much! It’s actually been a fun week figuring out all these new things (Patreon, Periscipe, etc.,), and finalizing the design for my new ebook. And next week will be fun, too, with the launch. This life is never boring, even if I am in my pyjamas until 10:00 every morning.

Have a great day!

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