Every Friday I like to post a shorter piece, with just one nugget to think about. Here’s today’s, on how a to-do list can actually make your sex life better!

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: Use a To-Do List to Revitalize Your Sex Life

How a To-Do List Can Revitalize Your Sex Life: By helping you keep your head in the game!
Ever had this happen–you’re having a really good time in bed with your husband when all of a sudden a thought pops into your head:

Is there milk in the fridge for breakfast?

And before you know it you’re creating a shopping list, a meal plan, and a map of what errands you’ll do tomorrow.

Or what about this one: your husband leans in close, and you begin to respond, when suddenly you push him away and start a long rant about all the things you’re expected to do for an upcoming women’s retreat.

One of the biggest problems with women and sex is that our minds keep wandering–and when we can’t concentrate on what’s happening, then our bodies check out. And the more stuff we have on our minds the more likely we are to wander.

That’s where a to-do list can come in handy!

I recently read an interesting post about McGill University professor Daniel Levitin, who is an expert in productivity. He found that people who make lists tend to get much more done. The reason? When we don’t make lists, then we’re holding all of these tasks in our heads, trying desperately to remember them all. That’s a lot of mental pressure!

Listen to the logic behind it:

Most people can only hold about four things in their mind at a time, Levitin said. (And, let’s be real, you probably have way more than four things to do today.) List-making takes that mental juggling out of the picture: You don’t think about what you have to do, and you’re not distracted (at least not as much) since it’s written down in front of your face, which allows you to become immersed in whatever activity it is that you’re tackling.

I read that last bit–become immersed in whatever activity it is that you’re tackling–and naturally, I thought of sex! When we get into the habit of making lists, then we stop this mental pressure to remember everything, and we can let it go. We’re freer to just be present in the moment.

So here’s a tip for you: tonight, before you go to bed, make a list of the things that you have to do, the groceries you have to buy, the errands you have to run. Talk to your husband about the concerns that are on your mind. Take a look at your scheduler so you know what’s in the agenda. And then–*poof*–you can let it go, and just enjoy your husband!

Friday Roundup on To Love, Honor and Vacuum

What’s #1 at To Love, Honor and Vacuum?

It looks like there’s been some popularity with some of the recent posts!  Let’s take a look back at some others–because sometimes the same posts show up from different sources, so I’ll include #2 or #3 instead!

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We’ve Been Shivering in Our RV…

It was COLD in Florida when Keith and I were down birdwatching.

Here I am, sitting in our RV, wrapped in a duvet and wearing a fleece sweater and fingerless gloves. And checking the comments on this important post.

Freezing in our RV!

But We Saw a Ton of Birds…

My husband is actually quite a good photographer, and we went for quite a few hikes and saw a lot of great birds–along with alligators, possums, snakes, and armadillos, which are all exotic for us!

Here are just two shots, but you can see all of them at his Flickr album from our trip!

Spoonbill Black Skimmers

And I Spoke in Georgia!

These two awesome groups put on a Girl Talk with only about 3 weeks notice! First I was in Dacula, just north of Atlanta, joining the MOPS group from Hebron Baptist for their regular meeting. So much fun–and so appreciated so many readers coming out to see me especially. (See all the pics of the event here).

Sheila giving her Girl Talk--Straight Talk on sex & marriage--in Dacula, Georgia

And then we had an evening event near Macon last night.

Sheila giving her Girl Talk--Straight Talk on sex & marriage--in Macon, Georgia

What was really cool is both these groups just decided to run with it, told everyone they could about it, and saw what happened. And tons of women came! What I’ve found in groups is that people often don’t buy tickets or commit to coming until the last week anyway. So even if you don’t have a lot of time to plan an event–it still often works out really well!

Had Fun Filming in Atlanta

Before the event in Macon I went up to the studio of the Christian TV show Friends and Neighbors and filmed an episode! It was tons of fun as we were talking about The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex.

Friends and Neighbors

Now We Head to Texas!

And now my assistant Tammy and I are heading to Texas for two shows: one in Childress and one in Tyler in early February.  She’s the one driving the RV. There’s no way I’d drive this thing.

And we’re hoping for a bit of warmer weather!

But remember: you can still get in on the tour for Girl Talk in Colorado in March or, if you’re anywhere on the east coast, in the first two weeks of April when we’ll be driving our Minnie Winnie back home to Canada! Just email Tammy for more info.

Do We in the Church Do Enough for Mental Health?

I don’t think so. My daughter Rebecca has struggled on and off with anxiety, and she wrote a really important post on 5 things the church can do to help with mental health issues. I’d encourage you to read it.

And that’s it for now! I hope you all  have a great weekend!

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