You’ve got 10 minutes on your hands. You want to use it well. What about coming up with some things to do for your husband–that will ultimately boost your marriage?

10 Things to Do For Your Husband that Take Just 10 Minutes--a great way to boost your marriage!

It’s New Year’s week here on the blog, where I’m coming up with new habits or new routines you can get into to grow  your marriage. And today I thought I’d give you a smorgasbord of ideas of things you can do for your husband in just 10 minutes–so that you’re thinking of him throughout the day! Here goes.

Practical Things to Do for Your Husband in Just 10 Minutes

1. Buy birthday cards for his parents/siblings all at once

Most guys hate buying cards and gifts–and they’re always afraid that they’ll forget something important. So next time you’re already out at the drug store or gift store, buy all the birthday cards he needs this year for his parents, his siblings, or whomever he should send one to. Then bring them home, have him sign them, and you can address them and put them away so they’re ready to be mailed!

Want to store them well? Check out my 43 folder system for paper clutter. That way you’ll be able to find the card when it’s time to mail it!

2. Ask him his biggest challenge–and then research ideas to help him tackle it

What does he chronically find irritating? Figuring out when to pay bills? Figuring out your family’s calendar so he doesn’t miss appointments? Picking out his clothes in the morning? Ask him when he is the most irritated during the day.

Then, when you have 10 minutes, get on Google and research organizing techniques for that particular area of his life. There may be an app for that, after all!

This can be an ongoing project–once you have several solutions, bounce them off of him to see which he likes best, and then set it up for him. Maybe you’ll set up a shared Google calendar for all of your family’s commitments. Or maybe you’ll find a Task app that can remind you when a bill is due, or you can start online banking which can schedule bills.

Thoughtful Things to Do For Your Husband

3. Ask him his favorite meals and menu plan

Ask him what his absolute favourite meals are. This week, while you’re making your menu plan, make sure that you include them. And make sure you have groceries on hand so he can bring his favourite lunch to work, too!

4. Write notes to put in his lunch this week.

Use these prompts:

  • I just wanted you to know that I noticed that you….(fill in something nice or important that he did for you, your kids, a friend, whomever. Show him that you see the good things he does!)
  • Honey, I appreciate so much that you….(write something he does on an ongoing basis)
  • One thing that I love most about you is….
  • I wanted you to know that today I’m praying that you….

Write Him a Note in his Lunchbox--one of 10 things you can do for your husband in just 10 minutes!

5. Do an impulse buy of something he’d like

–and then wrap it so it looks great!

If he likes gifts, then when you’re out grocery shopping pick him up his favourite chocolate bar or some beef jerky or some other treat. Or when you’re out at the mall and you see a funny mug that reminds you of him, or something inexpensive that he’d like for one of his hobbies, pick it up.

Then wrap it elaborately with lots of lipstick kisses! It doesn’t need to cost a lot (and it shouldn’t), but it can make him smile.

If you want ideas for inexpensive gifts, I have tons in my Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband post. I know it’s not Christmas, but they’re small gifts that would work throughout the year!

Buy him a gift--one of 10 things you can do for your husband in just 10 minutes!

6. Plan a date night that he’d enjoy, and then email him an invite

If you have 10 minutes, research some date night ideas online. I’ve got some ideas for date nights when you have kids, but there are tons on the web. Maybe you’ll watch a movie that he would like, or go take in a hockey game. Take 10 minutes to plan all the details, and then email him an invite.

If you want to make it special, include a hint of what’s coming at the end of the date night….

All of which brings us to:

Sexy Things to Do For Your Husband in Just 10 Minutes

7. Get prettied up

Before he gets home from work (or before you leave work to go home), take a few minutes and just make yourself really pretty. Often we take time on our hair and makeup when we’re going out and we’ll see strangers, but we don’t do anything when it’s just our husbands. Let’s reverse that equation, since he’s the one who’s supposed to enjoy looking at us anyway!

Do a five-minute makeover, run a brush or a flatiron through your hair, or get rid of the T-shirt and put on a pretty top. If you’re leaving work to come home, you can always do a quick makeover in the bathroom first.

8. Meet him at the door when he comes home from work–or go to him directly after you do!

Here’s an important one–make sure that when you’re together again at the end of the day, whether it’s you arriving home or him, that you immediately give your attention to him. If he’s walking through the door, stop what you’re doing to go give him a hug. And don’t stop there–make it a nice long kiss, too!

If you’re the one walking through the door, seek him out before the kids or the dog. Make sure he knows he’s the one you’re excited to see!

9. Give him a backrub

A backrub feels amazing. It relaxes you, and having someone touch you releases endorphins. So tonight, have him take off his shirt, get some massage oil or even just some skin cream, and rub his back and shoulders. If the kids are in bed, do it naked!

10. Have a Quickie!

Finally, if you’ve got 10 minutes, you can play beat the clock! (Come on, you knew I’d say this, didn’t you?)

Things You Can do for Your Husband in Just 10 minutes--including a quickie!

Ten minutes is more than enough time for a quickie! Settle the kids in front of a video or put the toddler in the playpen and head upstairs. Help him get aroused (if he needs help), pull out some lubrication, and go for it! This is about HIM reaching climax, not you, so he can go as fast as he wants. (And the bonus is that if he does this now, then chances are later on tonight he’ll be able to really take his time for you!)

The more enthusiastic you are, the easier it will be for him to “beat the clock”.

And if you’d rather do it another way than intercourse…he’d likely enjoy that, too. 🙂

So there you go–it only takes ten minutes in your day to turn your attention to your husband and do something that will make him feel amazing. I hope this list is only a starting point to help you brainstorm things you can do for your husband–for your particular husband with his own likes and hobbies.

Some guys, for instance, may appreciate you organizing their sock drawer or cleaning up their work area, but some guys would rather you didn’t touch it. You know your husband. But think of how our marriages can change if we use just 10 minutes a day to make his day better.

Do you have any ideas of things to do for your husband in just a short amount of time? Leave them in the comments for us!

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