I want my blog to be all about having a happy marriage!

But sometimes I deal with really HEAVY topics. And last week a commenter said that she was hoping that I’d cover more happy topics.

I get it. I really do! It’s just that the vast majority of emails and comments I get are from people who are struggling in their marriages. And the posts that get read the most tend to be the ones for people in crisis–and so those people tend to be the majority here. Fawn Weaver from Happy Wives Club and I used to laugh that she had the happy wives and I had most of the hurting ones!

But I know that’s not true either, because I get a ton of emails from people telling me how this blog, or one of my books, has helped them.

So today for Top 10 Tuesday I thought I’d share are 10 “happier” posts–how to posts, testimony posts, just things that are fun and may make you smile! If I look through the archives, honestly, at least half the posts are “happy”. It’s just that it’s the other ones that tend to get shared the most…not sure why that is. 🙂

But let’s be happy! Here goes:

Happy Marriage Blog Posts--10 how tos, testimonies, or celebration posts that I love!

Happy Marriage How-To Posts

16 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband
One of my favourite posts ever–and one of my most popular. Married women should flirt, too–just with their husbands!

14 Ways to Play with Your Husband
If you can laugh with your husband every day, you can tackle any problem! Keep the goodwill in your marriage by keeping yourself having fun!

Great Sex--for Her! Because God made our bodies to feel amazing.

9 Ways to Make Sex Great–For Her
Want some practical tips to make sex feel better for you? Here are 9 things you can try that can boost your enjoyment!

Top 10 Kisses every marriage needs--so fun!

10 Kisses Every Marriage Needs
“I’m sorry” kisses, “I missed you” kisses, “hello” kisses…and more!

Happy Marriage “Celebration” Posts

What’s the REAL Divorce Rate?
Did you know the actual divorce rate is NOWHERE NEAR 50%, and never has been? That’s a cultural myth. Come on over and learn the good news about marriage for a change! And then pass it on. Let’s end this 50% myth once and for all!

Top 10 Reasons to Get Married
We hear all the reasons why marriage is hard. Here are some reasons that marriage is totally worth it!

Happy Marriage “Testimony” Posts

Here are two posts about my own marriage that I really like–about how God used marriage in a unique way to make us into better people.

Celebrating our Differences in Marriage

Made For Each Other
Marriage changes both of you–and it can change you for the better!

How God Uses Marriage to Heal our Hurts

How God Used Marriage to Heal Me
Many, if not most, of us get married with a lot of baggage. And we often bemoan the baggage that we bring to marriage. But what if marriage is one of the vehicles that God uses to help us deal with that baggage, once and for all? What I found that marriage did for me…

Reaching Your First Orgasm in Marriage

From Honeymoon Blues to “O”ver the Rainbow!
Okay, this one isn’t from me. And it’s not a normal testimony post. But I consider this a major celebration/victory post anyway! A newlywed explains how she was finally able to reach the “Big O”–after they spent ages trying and wondering what was wrong.

Sexual Shame in Marriage: A beautiful 2-part series of a true story of how one woman broke free of sexual shame and found God's love--and a great marriage!

Beauty from Ashes: From Sexual Shame to Healing
When I read Joy McMillan’s book XES I was riveted, especially by her testimony of where she was and how God rescued her. So I asked if I could excerpt her testimony for this blog. I did so in two parts; the first part is heavy, but we need to understand where she came from to see what God did! And so I consider this a “happy” post, even if the first part is sad, because anything that shows what God can do is happy!

So there you go! Ten posts about happy marriages.

Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage: Because a Great Relationship Doesnt Happen by AccidentAnd I hope that my blog and my books DO help you to create a happy marriage. That’s especially why I wrote 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage–because I think a happy marriage is totally within most people’s grasps. The reason that marriages deteriorate are often based on small things at the beginning. And if we deal with those small things before they become big things, we can have marriages that thrive!

If you haven’t read the book yet, I encourage you strongly to pick it up. It will change how you see your marriage, and that changes the dynamic about everything! With lots of quick, practical things you can do to start seeing changes immediately.

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