Best of Top 10 Tuesdays 225x300 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015I’m still luxuriating in my Christmas break, but for these last few days of 2015 I thought I’d take a look at some of the top posts on the blog this year.

I know most of you can’t stop in everyday, so this way you can be sure you haven’t missed any important ones!

My most popular posts tend to be Tuesday’s Top 10 Feature, so for this last Tuesday of 2015, let’s look at the Top 10  “Top 10” posts!

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Relax During Sex 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Ways to Relax During Sex

If you get uptight, can’t relax, and thus can’t really feel pleasure–here are ways to get over that! It’s funny that the biggest post wasn’t even written by me. Thanks Julie from Intimacy in Marriage!

FB Wedding Night 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Wedding Night Tips

Here’s what I wanted to share with my daughter before she got married–and what I wish somebody had told me (instead of giving me a book that made me a nervous wreck!) Some practical tips for your wedding night (whether you’re a virgin or not.)

Adventurous in Bed 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Ways to Be More Adventurous in Bed

I really like this post! So fun. It’s all about how to relax and try something new without being embarrassed and without second guessing yourself (and not, of course, about doing something that’s wrong). Try it. You can do it!

Things Id Say About Sex 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Things I’d Say About Sex if I Had No Filter

Julie from Intimacy in Marriage and J from Hot, Holy and Humorous wrote posts on this theme, and I decided I’d join in, too! so here’s me, without a filter. Lots about cheesecake and pizza, too.

10 Ways to Get Turned On 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Ways to Get Turned on By Your Husband Again

J from Hot, Holy and Humorous helped me out by answering this reader question: What do you do if you just don’t find your husband attractive anymore? Some tips to help you get the hots for him all over again!

Emotionally Destructive Marriages 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Truths About Emotionally Destructive Marriages

One of the most important posts I wrote last year–10 truths about difficult marriages. Here’s the essential problem: A lot of the marriage advice that we tend to hear, like respecting him, figuring out his love language, submitting more, really only applies to healthy marriages.

If you’re in an emotionally destructive marriage, doing those things makes the marriage worse. Some warnings for women, and a route to real healing.

Marriage Red Flags 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Sex and Marriage Red Flags

Lots of us have issues in the bedroom. That’s not a big deal. Or is it?

Sometimes I get reader questions that I look at and think, “Oh, wow. That’s a sign of something really bad.” But we may not always realize it, because we don’t tend to talk about our sex lives in detail with other people.

So here are 10 red flags you just can’t ignore–10 things that you really must confront if they’re in your marriage.

20 Ideas to Initiate Sex 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 201520 Even-You-Can-Do-It Ideas to Initiate Sex Tonight!

Kathi Lipp and Erin McPherson wrote a great book called Hot Mamas. And in this awesome guest post Erin shares 20 quick ideas to help YOU initiate sex with your hubby tonight–because men want to wanted, not just placated.

Stop Being Too Tired for Sex 150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Ways to Stop Being Too Tired for Sex

Does sex always end up on the back burner because you’re just so absolutely exhausted?

Being too tired is one of the main reasons couples don’t make love. Here are 10 ways to stop that dangerous trend.

Questions About Sex  150x150 - Top 10 "Top 10" Posts of 2015Top 10 Questions About Sex Christian Women Are Asking

Ever have a question about sex and wonder if you’re the only one who would ask it? I bet you’re not alone! A collection of 10 questions from the Q&A session at one of my Girl Talks. Find your answers here!

So there you go–my Top 10 “Top 10” posts! I hope you enjoyed them!

And, as always, if you have any great ideas for list posts, let me know in the comments. I’m looking to fill up 2016 with lots of great ideas to spice up your sex life and improve your marriage, too.

Happy New Year!

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