My Favorite Christmas Posts - Christmas Treasures to UnwrapI have a confession to make.

I don’t actually have my Christmas tree up yet.

And it’s probably not going to get up until the weekend.

I’ve never been this late before, but we were on a speaking tour in our RV until November 20, and then we left for a cruise December 4. I had so much to do in those two weeks that I was home to make up for being away and to get ready to be away again that we didn’t have time to put it up. And since we got home I’ve been trying to get all my work done so that I can shut off the computer until after Christmas–hopefully later today (except for checking comments, of course!).

So that’s my goal–get all my work done, and then concentrate on Christmas! I still have a Christmas stocking to knit for my son-in-law, too.

It’s also because it’s the first year that none of my kids is home. I’ve never put up the tree without them before. My mom’s coming over this weekend and I think we’ll do it together, but it’s STRANGE.

Nevertheless, I am ready to think about Christmas! I’m in a Christmas frame of mind. So today I thought that I’d run some of my Christmas contemplations from years past to give you all lots to read and to help you get in a Christmas frame of mind, too!

On Christmas Gifts

ChristmasGifts 300x270 - Christmas Treasures to UnwrapMy 3 Gifts of Christmas
One of my most important columns I ever wrote for the newspaper–if judged by the number of people who emailed me and asked me to rerun it, or who printed it out and kept it. Here’s how we do presents to make sure that the kids keep the meaning of Christmas foremost in their minds!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Your Husband
Every year, it’s my most popular post in November and December. And I update it all the time with fresh ideas that are really cool! I’m sure you’ll find something here that your husband will love, whether he’s quirky, handy, geeky–or anything!

Sexy Stocking Stuffers for Your HusbandStocking Stuffers for Your Husband1 179x300 - Christmas Treasures to Unwrap
Want to take the stocking stuffer idea up a notch? Check out my sexy stocking stuffer suggestions!

Christmas Gifts for the Impossible to Buy for Husband
Panicking at what to get your husband? I’ve got tons of suggestions–and things that will help you brainstorm what will work for HIM.

Christmas Gifts to Nurture the Soul
We don’t want Christmas to just be about presents. But here are some presents that can help everyone remember the reason for the season.

On Christmas Expectations

Don’t Be the Christmas Doormat!
In so many families the mom does everything, and nobody seems to help. And then she doesn’t really get to enjoy the day or have a chance to revel in the beauty of it.

Husband Buys Awful Christmas Presents 300x289 - Christmas Treasures to UnwrapPlanning Now for Normal Disappointment
Does your husband buy terrible presents? Do your kids forget to get you anything? Don’t wake up on Christmas morning and be disappointed. Talk to your family about what you need NOW. They can’t read minds–and they may not know what you need, even if you think it’s absolutely obvious.

Managing the In-Laws at Christmas
Do you spend Christmas shuffling between relatives’ houses–when you’d rather just stay at home? Is Christmas awkward because your relationships are strained? Some thoughts on how to avoid those prickly moments.

Christmas Contemplations

No More Naughty and Nice 253x300 - Christmas Treasures to UnwrapSeeking a Wise Man
This newspaper column actually won a national newspaper award for me! I’ve always liked it. On what women really need at Christmas–with a bit of a spiritual spin.

No More Naughty and Nice
Everybody deserves a fresh start at Christmas–even you! So let’s stop pigeonholing our relatives into categories, and just enjoy them, as they are, today.

The Season for Waiting
Christmas is all about waiting–but let’s face it, waiting is hard. A Christmas contemplation on the use of waiting in our lives, and how we can learn to live in the moment instead.

Another Reality Check cover 175 - Christmas Treasures to UnwrapI also have a ton of FUNNY Christmas contemplations, and funny Christmas stories, in my compilation book of columns, Another Reality Check. The ebook version is only $2.99, and you get 90 of my favourite syndicated columns I ever wrote. Christmas columns on managing gifts, managing relatives, seeing joy in the season, and more.

And there are columns on marriage, family, culture, my own foibles–and so much more.

Check it out on Kindle, or download the .pdf (that you can read anywhere) from me!

I hope those help you get into a Christmas frame of mind! I’m going to finish up some things today, and then start knitting!

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