One More Step - Is Your Marriage Getting You Down? Take One More Step

Sometimes we feel like we just don’t have the strength to keep going. And that’s when we’ve got to take just one more step!

51qvYcP88QL - Is Your Marriage Getting You Down? Take One More StepToday my good friend Rachel Wojo joins us to share the difficult story of her own loss, and what she learned about keeping going. She just released her AWESOME new book, One More Step, that I know you’ll love. When you’re in a difficult place, don’t focus on everything that’s wrong. Just focus on what’s right in front of you–and see that God is always there. Here’s Rachel:

The white picket fence.

The well-balanced family of four.

Perfect house with the perfect marriage.

Everyone has their own dreams and plans for life. I certainly owned my version.

But reality kicked in and almost kicked me to the ground. Circumstances that were out of my control jilted my soul and I found myself in a place I never dreamed–a divorced mama of a special needs child. Far from the perfect dream, the decisions I made in this new place would make or break me and I found myself at the point of wanting to give up.

Maybe you’re there today in your marriage- in that pit of wanting to give up.

Perhaps it is one of those marriages where she just no longer loves him or he likes the way someone else at the office treats him. Or the honeymoon is over and the monotony of work and life has crept in. Or either party made a costly mistake and no one wants to fight for the life and love they once had together.

Marriage is worth fighting for. Love is worth fighting for.

The question is: How do we keep going when everything is going wrong?

No matter your circumstances, you will find that hope rises to greet you when you learn how to take just one more step. You don’t have to complete the entire journey in a day. It’s easy to look at the circumstances and feel the strong desire to quit. But let’s take a look at where we are placing our hope.

Hope can be placed anywhere we choose, but the place we choose makes all the difference.

When we place our hope in people, we feel disappointed.

If we expect people to live up to the standards we set for them, then we are going to be disappointed. Because people are people. If all your hope is placed in your husband, then disappointment is sure to follow at some point. Your husband is human, after all.

So if we don’t place our hope in people, where do we place it? Some of us place our hope in things. After all, objects aren’t going to emotionally scar us, right? But momentary satisfaction only causes more desperation.

When we place our hope in things, we are distracted.

Maybe you recognize your usual escapes and you avoid placing your hope in people or things. But you rest your hope in a place where it is not quite as easily recognized. Self-confidence is important, but it can easily develop into self-absorption or self-reliance or arrogance. When we place our hope in ourselves, we set ourselves up for failure.

Personal failure is the most disappointing.

When we place our hope in ourselves, we wind up devastated.

Relying on the promises of God’s Word and his love for us is the firm foundation- the resting place we need for hope. Our hope is secure only when it is anchored in God and His Word- his love, his guidance, and his timing.

Be encouraged! You don’t have to let out-of-control circumstances defeat you. You want to be an overcomer, but all you feel is overwhelmed? Life won’t always be this hard. Rather than staring at the journey ahead, focus this moment on taking just one more step. Place your hope in the promises of God, for that is where you will begin to discover the strength to keep going, even when you feel like giving up.

When we place our hope in Christ, we are delivered.

Jesus, I ask you to give hope to the hopeless today. Renew hearts to focus on the hope only you can provide. Give each reader today the strength to take just one more step.

wojo - Is Your Marriage Getting You Down? Take One More Step51qvYcP88QL. SL160  - Is Your Marriage Getting You Down? Take One More StepDo you need the courage to go just One. More. Step? Rachel Wojo has just written a great book on how to trust God when everything around you looks like it is falling apart. Check it out here!

Find out more about Rachel and about how to keep going when you feel like your strength will give out at her website, One More Step.

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