As you’re reading this, I’m flying home from Charleston, South Carolina back to southern Ontario.

I’ve been on the road since October 30, giving 3 Girl Talks in Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina, doing several media interviews, and birdwatching with my hubby.

Sheila Gregoire's Girl Talk

Keith left to go back home last week, and my assistant Tammy flew down to come with me to my Girl Talk in Raeford, North Carolina. We then spent a few days sightseeing and brainstorming and planning for the next three years. We live eight hours away from each other, so it was really handy being together and having some time to plan!

And we had gorgeous weather in Myrtle Beach. Seriously–we worked out on our balcony looking out over the ocean!


We really do need to plan better, though, because Myrtle Beach is deserted, since it’s hurricane season. When I initially planned this year, my husband and I thought, “let’s go down the eastern seaboard in the fall, leave the RV in the south, and then come back up through the centre in the spring!” That’s right, folks. We planned to hit the eastern seaboard during hurricane season and then come back up the centre during tornado season. From now on we’ll reverse it and do it smarter. 🙂

A few cool things I just wanted to share with you about my trip.

First, yesterday Tammy and I went to Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.


I thought it was cool because as a teenager I loved the North & South miniseries! And it was filmed there. I could almost feel Patrick Swayze riding up the lane. Recognize it?


Plus I saw an alligator!


But what really hit me was the slave exhibits. They still had original slave quarters standing and great exhibits about slavery on the plantation in the pre-civil war era.


Look at this roster: 174,000 slaves were brought over on ships, but only 147,000 survived the journey.


On this trip, and on the first RV trip my husband and I took in September, we’ve visited a number of places that have made the civil rights movement hit home. First, we were at the Abraham Lincoln museum in September, where they had great exhibits on slavery:


Then we saw the civil rights exhibit at the National Archives in Washington. Then Tammy and I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta.


People have fought so hard for justice and to be recognized.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington

We Still Haven’t Won the Fight for Human Dignity

But all of this has just got me thinking anew about how hard so many have fought for basic human rights and basic human dignity. And this week it’s hit home that it’s still a fight. The attacks in Paris were awful. How anyone can think that they are serving God by blowing people up is beyond absurd to me–it’s seriously evil and twisted.

And then, in a less dramatic way, I had an incident here. I had to erase a series of comments by a man claiming that there’s technically no such thing as rape in marriage.

I honestly didn’t know anyone still believed that. I thought we won that battle years ago. But I guess not. And this guy uses Scripture to argue other points, so he claims to be a Christian. And he’s the third one in two weeks!

I just want to reiterate, for the record, that while I believe in the right to free speech, that does not mean that anyone has the right to post on this blog. And if people write things which I believe give Christ a bad name, then I will not post them and I will delete them. If this were only a blog for Christians, and we were all involved in friendly debates, that would be one thing. But probably half of the people who visit arrive from Google and aren’t using Christian words in their search terms. So they’re likely not believers.

And I will not have people who claim to be believers giving such an evil image of Christianity that they turn people away from Christ. Not on my blog.

I hope that’s clear.

I posted on Facebook about this ruckus; the comments were interesting, too.

Why are we still arguing about whether there's rape in marriage in this day and age? How can people not get it?

I’m Coming Back to the Carolinas and Georgia and Florida!

Keith and I are flying back down in January and doing a little tour in Florida (and a lot of birdwatching) and then heading to Texas for February. Then in April we’re heading back to the Carolinas and up home.

Now that Tammy and I have done my schedule for the next three years, this is what I know:

I will not be returning to the southeast for at least three years.

So if you’d like to host a Girl Talk, contact us now! We can likely still fit you in in April (and if you’re in Florida, we have some slots in January–and in Texas in February!).

Next year we’re heading back through the centre of the U.S. and then out to California, Oregon and Washington. We’ll also be hitting British Columbia and the Maritimes in Canada next year, too.

The year after I’m taking a break to write my book, and I’ll be doing Australia and Kenya/Tanzania.

I really am enjoying speaking at so many churches now that we have this RV and we can travel around! So I’d love to join you, too, if you’re in one of those areas. Just email Tammy!

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