I have a new feature every Friday, where I try to give a 400-word inspirational message about marriage. Here’s something I found in 2008 that I thought I’d rerun for today, because it goes so well with my article yesterday on the best time of day to argue with your husband. So here goes–Get some sleep!

SMM Sleep is Marriage Issue - Sleep is a Marriage Issue

Sheila’s Marriage Moment: Get Some Sleep!

Last week I couldn’t sleep. One night I went to bed at 11, woke up at 1, and that was it. I watched the clock until 8:00.

Throughout the day I tried to nap, but to no avail.

And guess what? Keith and I had a huge fight that night. I don’t remember what we fought about, but I know it was big. So big that my 10-year-old daughter informed my best friend that she was kind of tired today because Mommy and Daddy woke her up fighting last night.

I berated myself all day, I prayed for forgiveness, I asked Katie to forgive me, and I was so nice to my husband (and he was nice to me). We went out to dinner, we completely made up, and everything was fine.

Until last night. I had a really busy day homeschooling the kids, and I was feeling overwhelmed. And so, once the kids were in bed, I started pestering my husband about his schedule.

I don’t know why I do this, but sometimes you just start attacking, and it’s like you’re outside of your body. You can watch yourself on a collision course, and you can’t seem to stop.

Now, we didn’t deteriorate last night. We stopped before it got too bad. But I was heading in that direction, and it took deep breaths and time outs to get back on track.

What was the common denominator in those events? I was really tired. Keith and I don’t tend to fight when we’re alert. We fight when we’re tired or stressed.

That’s one reason I think it’s incredibly important that women guard their sleep time. Get to bed at a decent hour every night. That’s not always possible, especially with young children, but do your best to train them to sleep so that you can sleep.

And say no to things! Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed, like I did yesterday. I’ve had to start saying no to the girls when they want me after 8:00. That’s the only time of the day I get time to myself, and I need it.

So that’s my advice for you this week: learn how to say no, and get some sleep. Then, if you’re tired and you feel yourself going down a really dangerous road with your husband, stop, and suggest that you sleep on it. It’s amazing how the next morning you’ll realize how whatever it was you were upset about really doesn’t matter!

Friday Round Up - Sleep is a Marriage Issue

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Why Do We Say Sick as a Dog?

I’m sick. Really sick. It’s been ages since I’ve actually been sick (likely more than 2 years). So I really have very little to complain about.

But my husband is on this conference and we’re staying in this lovely hotel and I’m SICK. I’m stuck here in this room and I’m feeling miserable.

And so I thought, “why do we say, ‘sick as a dog’?” Are dogs particularly sickly? And while we’re at it, why are we “healthy as a horse”? Are horses healthier than other animals? And why do we “sleep like a baby”? I don’t remember my babies sleeping particularly well.

Anyway, I’m just wondering that. Between Kleenexes.

Look How Beautiful Autumn Is!

I haven’t updated my Instagram this week because I’m sick. I debated putting up a Kleenex box with a whole lot of used Kleenexes but I thought that would be gross.

But despite my illness, the world outside is really quite beautiful.

And so I’m going to leave you with a picture my daughter Katie posted. This is what it looks like in my neck of the woods right now:

I got weird looks when taking this picture #ohwell ?

A photo posted by Katie Gregoire (@katielizg) on

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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