Friday Roundup on To Love, Honor and VacuumWe’ve been on the road now for over a week in our RV.

And it’s been super fun! We’ve been staying at KOA campgrounds (which all have wifi) so that I can work while on the road.

And we’ve been hiking, birdwatching, and getting me ready to speak!

Tonight I’m in Terre Haute, Indiana. Tomorrow I’m leading several workshops at MOMCon. And then on Monday I’m in Clare, Missouri.

And in the middle of all that, my daughter got the wedding pictures back from her nuptials in July. So today I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our lives via Instagram, and show you what’s been happening to me this week!

But first…

What’s #1 at To Love, Honor and Vacuum?

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Some Quick Reviews!

Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage: Because a Great Relationship Doesnt Happen by AccidentI want to highlight two reviews for 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage! I highlighted two others in my weekly blog roundup newsletter that’s going out today (if you’re not signed up, you can do that here! You’ll get an email every Friday with links to all the new posts, links to what’s been popular this week (even if it’s older posts), and a round-up of what’s been big on Facebook.)

The Encouragement Express: My Husband Can’t Make Me Happy
“…fantastic book by the way, highly recommend everyone getting it. In it I came across a chapter that was actually completely in line with a blog post I was planning on writing. Yay God for confirmation!”

And then:

Messy Marriage: On Not Being in Competition with My Husband
I think the chapter that I appreciated and needed the most was, “I’m Not in Competition with My Husband.” Although I agreed with Sheila on several key issues related to submission and headship in marriage and how those are interpreted from Scripture, she brought out some key aspects that I have missed over the years.

Seriously, if you haven’t gotten a hold of the book yet–I know you’ll love it! The first four thoughts are all how to get our own hearts right. The next three are about how to deal with tough issues in marriage (be a peaceMAKER, not a peaceKEEPER!). And then we turn to sex and friendship. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a new way of looking at some of the Christian advice that we often hear.

Button Order the Book

The Wedding Pics

I’m going to share the ones that we’ve had up on Instagram.

First, the wedding gown:

I loved my dress. Going through wedding photos is so fun.. ??

A photo posted by Rebecca Lindenbach (@rebeccalindenbach) on

The sisters!

• sister things ? • A photo posted by Katie Gregoire? (@katielizg) on

I may be biased, but my sister was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen ☺️? |7.18.15|

A photo posted by Katie Gregoire? (@katielizg) on

And the four of us!

I have so much love for these 3 people. | 7.18.15 | A photo posted by Katie Gregoire? (@katielizg) on

And my favourite pic from the day:

One of my favourite photos from the wedding–with two of my favourite people! #fatherofthebride

A photo posted by Sheila Gregoire (@sheilagregoire) on

And, for those of you who have been keeping up with Katie’s stalking pictures, here’s the best one yet:

So the wedding pictures came in ? A photo posted by Katie Gregoire? (@katielizg) on

Our Life in the RV

And what have Keith and I been up to?

We’ve been birdwatching along the way! I’m always encouraging couples to find hobbies to do that can help them get away from screens and find ways to talk. So we’ve taken up birdwatching. Keith’s way more into it than I am, but I still enjoy getting outside and trying to identify different species. And it’s great to talk!

We took a walk in Presque’Isle State Park on the western side of Pennsylvania along Lake Erie.

And then we crossed into Ohio, where I met up with my dear friend Courtney Joseph from Women Living Well for dinner! So fun to see a blogging friend in person!

Then my husband and I crossed into Indiana, where we went to a nature preserve where Sandhill Cranes hang out.

We couldn’t believe how close they were!

Yesterday morning I taped the TV show, “The Harvest Show”. Too fun! They had me stick around and film two episodes.

And now I’m heading out for a busy few days. It’s fun to be able to document the week through Instagram! I should do that more often.

And now, another installment in “Porn is Not Harmless”

This doesn’t have much to do with anything this week, but I just made this graphic and published it on Facebook, so I thought I’d share it here, too.

In my continuing quest to get people to realize that porn is not harmless…

Porn is Not Harmless

Just click here to share this on Facebook and spread the news! Or click the “Pin It” button to share on Pinterest.

And remember, if you want to protect your family from porn, Covenant Eyes has a great accountability program and filtering program for your computers, phones, and devices. And it’s affordable! Find out more here. You get 30 days free with the coupon code TLHV (for To Love, Honor and Vacuum), which is automatically applied when you follow the link.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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