I am in the middle of such a summer of transition. And it seems like it’s speeding up!

I took this picture of my daughter’s old bedroom this morning. She hasn’t lived at home for two years now, but lately we’ve been cleaning out her room because I’m going to turn it into a YouTube studio/guest room. Here’s what it looks like today, just five days before her wedding:

My daughter's getting married!

It just all seems so bittersweet.

I’ve still got the wedding bulletins to finish up, and we’re still working on the seating plan for the reception. I’ve got family doing the decorating, so that’s taken care of. But tomorrow my husband and I are going to go and finally meet Connor’s parents (they live across the country from us, and they’ve just flown in).

Last week I was in Minneapolis for my younger daughter’s international Bible quizzing tournament.

She was graduating. This was her sixth year at internationals; and it’s been such a major part of our lives for eight years. I ran the program at our church, and for the last two years I’ve organized meets for our district. I’ve gotten to know hundreds of kids who are dedicated to learning God’s word.

Here’s what Katie posted on Instagram after her last quiz ever:

I tear up just looking at it. It was a really emotional moment.

In just a few weeks she’s moving away to go to school, too, and I doubt she’ll be back. The condo where she’ll be living is much nicer in the summer than our house is (it’s right on a beach, and has gorgeous waterfront trails right outside her door), so I think she’ll likely stay in that bigger city.

So it’s just a lot of endings right now. My oldest daughter is getting married. My youngest is leaving. The biggest part of our volunteer/church involvement for the last eight years is over.

I’m so excited about the future. I love Connor, and I know he’ll be great for my daughter.

I love my husband, and I’m excited about hitting the road in our RV and speaking all over the U.S. and Canada with my Girl Talk! (If you want to book one, or learn more, just email my assistant Tammy).

I’m excited for Katie and for what she’ll be doing at university. It’s wonderful to see her grow into herself.

But there are just so many endings all at once. It’s a little overwhelming.

Somehow I think those tears I shed on Friday at Katie’s last quiz ever are not the last tears I’ll be shedding this week. And so as I pack up to leave, not returning until after the wedding, I’m gearing up for probably one of the most emotional weeks of my life.

I haven’t been around the blog or Facebook much lately; I’ll likely take another break until next week (though I do have some posts scheduled). But I’ll try to post some photos on Instagram and Facebook to show you what’s up. And if you think of me, say a prayer that I’ll get through the wedding without blubbering too much!

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