Yesterday my friend Tammy, who is on tour with me, and I drove the long way from Colorado Springs into Wyoming, where I’ll be speaking tonight. We drove through mountain passes and ranchland and just gorgeous scenery. And earlier this weekend we went through the beautiful “Garden of the Gods” and were in awe of the rock formations.

Garden of the Gods 1

Garden of the Gods 2

Before we left the area, though, we stopped in at a Lifeway bookstore in Denver to see if they had any copies of The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex. And they did, so I autographed them! And I chatted with the manager for a while. So neat to see that they stock the book, and that it’s on the reorder list (meaning that if it sells out it’s automatically ordered back in). That’s nice to know.

And I shared with him and the other staff my heart for the book, and how even though it’s great for every married woman, it also makes an excellent bridal shower gift. So I think one of the women on staff is going to buy 2 now for showers she’s going to, and she’ll be recommending it. That was encouraging.

Sheila with The Good Girl's Guide to Great Sex in a Lifeway store

And then we hit the road.

I am constantly in awe of how beautiful our world is!

And then when we arrived at the little town where we had a hotel booked, we ended up finding this local restaurant to eat in where the owner was such a hoot. We had a great time telling him what we were doing here (he was wondering if he could drive to hear my sex talk) and we ate the best prime rib I’ve ever had.

They had a huge elk on the wall, so of course I had to take a really, really, really bad selfie to send to my daughter Katie (who is always bugging me about not knowing how to take selfies).

Sheila Elk

So true story: my facial expression is as if to say, “that’s a super big elk”, but Katie died laughing when I sent her this because of how pathetic I looked. So she sent a screen shot to her older sister to see, and Rebecca FaceTimed Katie crying laughing–mascara running down her face. So this is how my kids see me!

Speaking of having confidence to post a horrible picture with no makeup, and speaking of my daughter, I thought you might enjoy her latest video on confidence (with a makeup twist).

I don’t have time to write a post today (I’m kinda tired), so I’ll let her give the words of wisdom for me:

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