Friday Round Up 300x281 - Friday Round-UpIt’s Friday, so it’s time for my weekly round-up, where I share what was #1 on the blog and social media this week. And we’ve got a giveaway. And a cool pic. So here we go:

What’s Number 1 This Week:

I love sharing these because often older posts make it on to the list; I end up sharing them somewhere (or someone else does) and they go a little bit nuts. And so you may find some gems that you’ve never actually read yet!

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Taken for Granted Mom 150x150 - Friday Round-UpThings Id Say About Sex 150x150 - Friday Round-Up#1 on the Blog: Top 10 Tips for Initiating Sex
#1 on Facebook: Top Ten Reasons Moms Feel Unappreciated
#1 on Pinterest: 6 Rules of Relationship Conflict
#1 on Twitter: Top 10 Things I’d Say About Sex If I Had No Filter

What’s Up in My Life:

This week my assistant Tammy and I flew to Colorado Springs to tape the Focus on the Family radio broadcast.

So fun! I was actually talking about To Love, Honor and Vacuum, but before the taping we were all talking about The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and they told me they’d have me back to tape a show for that, too.

Eva Daniels, one of the producers who has two little kids, joined Jim Daly and John Fuller with me.

2015FOTFtLHV - Friday Round-Up

It was very conversational, and they taped enough for two shows worth. I think it will air sometime in August; I’ll be sure to let you know.

2015FOTFSheila - Friday Round-Up

And then afterwards they took Tammy and me on a tour of the Focus on the Family headquarters, which of course includes the big Adventures in Odyssey play area. So we took our pictures in Whit’s End:

2015FOTFWhitsEnd e1431048727469 - Friday Round-Up

We’ll be in Colorado for a little while longer; I’m speaking in Greeley tonight and in Green River, Wyoming, on Tuesday. You can always keep up with my events and see more info on my Facebook Page.

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…And We Have Four New Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered my contest last week for three different marriage books. We have four winners: Yolande, Elyssa, Lori, and Kami. I’m notifying them by email right now.

I’ll be running  a flash giveaway on Facebook for some ebooks this weekend, so be sure to check in there.

MothersDay1 300x225 - Friday Round-UpThoughts on Mother’s Day

Let’s face it: Mother’s Day can be a huge disappointment for many women, if we have expectations that just aren’t met. I wrote a passionate post about how to avoid that disappointment two years ago, and it still says pretty much everything I’m thinking. Pass it along!

On Instagram…

Everyone needs something to knit on a plane. Here’s a scarf I’m just finishing up:

Knitting - Friday Round-Up

Have a great weekend–and for those of you who are blessed with kids, have a wonderful Mother’s Day (I’ll be away from my girls this Sunday).