Friday Round Up 300x281 - Saturday RoundUpHello everybody!

I didn’t do my Friday round-up yesterday because of Good Friday, so I’m moving it to Saturday this week! On my round-up I share what’s been popular on the blog and social media this week, other great articles I’ve found, stuff happening in my life, and more.

But first, let me wish you all a very Blessed and meaningful Easter! I hope that you have a wonderful time worshiping God and spending time with your families.

My daughter Rebecca and her fiance Connor are home this weekend, right in time to watch one of our dear 14-year-old friends get baptized on Easter morning! Mickaula’s going to be a bridesmaid, too, so it’s very special that Becca could be home and be a part of this.

The #1 Articles on Facebook, Pinterest, and the Blog this Week:

#1 on The Blog:

Why Do Teenagers Rebel1 150x150 - Saturday RoundUpA 19-year old explains: Why I Didn’t Rebel!

My daughter wrote this post for me while sitting bored in a stats class at university last year–and it was read over 1,000,000 times in one week. She really launched my blog into the big leagues! and this week the post went crazy again.

#1 on Pinterest:

2 Player Games Ad 150x150 - Saturday RoundUp20 2-Player Games to Play with Your Husband

I revamped this post recently, and it’s been going crazy on Pinterest again! I’ve added about 6 new suggestions, so if you haven’t read it in a while, check it out!


#1 on Facebook:

ForgottenMommy 150x150 - Saturday RoundUpHave We Forgotten How to Be a Mommy?

So a university study came out with the three biggest predictors of a child not being obese–and the weird thing is that all three of them were considered NORMAL parenting behaviours three decades ago, and today few parents do them.

Read it, and leave a comment to tell me why you think parenting has changed so much.

What’s Up at My House

My husband broke his finger birdwatching.

When I told my oldest daughter that on the phone, she laughed for five minutes straight until she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Apparently birdwatching is now a dangerous sport.

At least it is if you’re walking on some ice while carrying a very expensive camera, and you slip, and you decide to save the camera instead!

Looking forward to sex 150x150 - Saturday RoundUpDid you catch 31 Days to a Better Marriage?

Last month on Managing Your Blessings, Carlie ran a 31 Day challenge, which different writers contributing. I’ve got a post up called How to Start Looking Forward to Sex–and stop seeing it as a chore.


March Prizes 300x271 - Saturday RoundUpCongratulations to Our Giveaway Winners–and a New Giveaway!

My March Marriage Reading Challenge Giveaway ended this week! Congratulations to Lisa K., our grand prize winner, who won both books and $10 worth of my audio downloads. Then Steve won The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, Christine P. won Ask It, and Jen C. won $10 worth of my audio downloads.

And you can enter a new giveaway I’ve got running on Facebook right now! If you’re a mom of elementary school aged kids, this one’s for you. It’s got 10 awesome ebooks, including craft projects, parenting devotionals, cookbooks, a book to teach your kids faith, and more!

I end up with so many ebooks from participating in different bundle sales, and in getting books given to me to review. And I’d like to start blessing you all with them. So I’ll bundle them together in different subjects and give them away every week. This week it’s for moms with elementary school aged kids, but I’ve got lots of different ones coming, too!

Giveaway Mom Elementary - Saturday RoundUp

And with every giveaway I also throw in a copy of 31 Days to Great Sex AND a copy of my printables for my 50 Best Bible Verses to Memorize!

Enter by leaving a comment on this Facebook Post.

Easter Posts

I’ve spent the last week meditating on Psalm 34, reading it everyday, and deciding that I’m going to start memorizing the whole psalm, 2 verses a day. It seems apt for this time of year, too.

Psalm344 - Saturday RoundUp

Some posts from the past for Easter:

The End of the Story

The Good, The Noble, and the Heroic

From Instagram:

So Keith and I realized that we’ve slipped into the habit of watching netflix too much at night. So now we limit ourselves to an hour–and then pull out the board games!

New Habit Playing Games - Saturday RoundUp

Here we are playing Blokus 3D. Totally love that game–but Keith always wins. I’m so bad spatially. But it’s still fun! And remember I’ve got a list of 20 great 2-player board games if you want to play too!

Have a wonderful Easter, everyone!

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