Friday Roundup on To Love, Honor and VacuumHello everybody!

It’s time for my Friday Round-Up, where I tell you what happened on the blog this week, what’s been trending on social media, and give you a sneak peek into my life behind the scenes.

So here we go!

The #1 Articles on Facebook, Pinterest, and the Blog this Week:

#1 on The Blog:

Top 10 Ways Hormones Affect LibidoTop 10 Ways Hormones Affect LibidoI had a lot of fun researching this post–and learned a lot, too! If you missed my chart that went viral this week, check it out!

#1 on Pinterest:

10 Truths About Emotionally Destructive Marriages Emotionally Destructive Marriages: 10 Truths about marriages characterized by emotional abuse

I’m glad this post is gaining traction, because we really need to talk about this more. In some marriages, being nicer won’t help. It will actually make things worse. God needs you to be good, not necessarily nice.


#1 on Facebook:

Is Setting Boundaries Biblical?Setting Healthy Boundaris is Biblical

Yep! The consensus is definitely that it is.

Which is good. Setting a boundary doesn’t mean you’re controlling someone; on the contrary, they still can choose to act however they want. The boundary isn’t set on THEM; it’s set on YOU. You say, “I will do this, but not this.” Or, “I will do so much, but I can’t do more than that.” They can then choose how to act in return. And it is definitely both healthy and biblical.

What’s Up at My House

I told you last week I’ve started memorizing Psalm 34.

Well, I’m not very good at memorizing (which is funny because my kids have over 20 BOOKS of the Bible memorized between them).

So far I’ve gotten 8 verses down. I just find it hard to remember the first word of a verse–if I can get the first word the rest usually follows!

Then my daughter and her fiance were home last weekend. My best friend, her daughter, my mom and my girls made the invitations for the wedding one night.

Sheila Making Invites

And, as some of you know, my daughter Katie has a “third wheeling” meme going on with Rebecca and Connor. She made a new tamer one:


Best of all, my cousin had her third baby yesterday! Another girl. So excited! I’ll meet the baby at the wedding in the summer (she lives far away).

Did You Catch the Hubbub Around Here this Week?

We had some serious hubbub. Serious.

On Monday I wrote a post explaining why I was deleting comments that I believed misrepresented Christ–and after my long explanation, someone went and picked a big debate with a non-Christian, even after I specifically asked them not to bother that blogger because we were giving Jesus a bad name. Oh, bother.

And if that didn’t make you shake your head, then I launched into three fun-filled days on HORMONES! Oh, the horror.

But I had a great time researching hormones and figuring out how they really do affect libido. Check out my chart from Tuesday on libido during your menstrual cycle, and don’t forget to download my free printable on tracking your libido from yesterday!

I’m off to Arizona!

Sunday I fly off to Arizona to speak for a week, giving my signature Girl Talk! I’ll be in Apache Junction Monday night, at a Scottsdale MOPS group on Tuesday and Wednesday, and in Glendale on Friday. The Apache Junction and Glendale events are open to the public; check out the Events tab on the left hand side of my Facebook Page for more info.

From Instagram:

While the kids were home we played some board games, including this fun Awkward Family Photos group game:



Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And think about adding some board games to the mix…

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