Sheila Gregoire's Girl Talk Event

I’m in Texas! Last night I gave my Girl Talk in Houston, launching a 5 day tour I’m taking through the Lone Star state, speaking in San Angelo, Seminole, Austin, and San Antonio. I’m here with my friend Tammy, and we are just loving how warm it is. Tammy lives in Quebec City and she left behind 6 feet of snow. I’m in southeastern Ontario and I left behind 2 feet of snow. Seventy degrees is seriously better!

I met a bunch of people from the blog yesterday, too. I guess I have a lot of readers in Texas, and many came out to say hi and take some pics. So much fun to actually connect in person to people who read me everyday!

And I met J. Parker from Hot, Holy and Humorous! J and I have been online buddies for years, and we’ve talked on the phone, but never actually met. She took us out for lunch and we caught up, and then she came to the event. Here we are holding each other’s books.


I spend the first part of my talk discussing how God designed sex and why on earth He made men and women relate to sex so differently (believe me, there’s a reason). Then we have a break, and during the break people have the opportunity to leave anonymous questions. After the break I answer as many as I can in 15 minutes, and then talk about how to make sex great in three different ways–spiritually, physically and emotionally.


It’s funny, because I can almost always predict what 6 of the questions will be. I usually always get them. And then at each venue there are always a few new ones, which makes it fun.

But every Monday I usually post a reader question and answer it, and I’m sorry that I don’t have time to do that today. But it occurred to me that you all may not realize that I do have a place where you can look up my answers to the most frequently asked problems. Almost all the emails that come in relate to questions that I have already answered on the blog–you just may not know where to find those answers.

So since I don’t have time to post today, I thought I’d point you all to the one central place that you can likely find answers to some of the things that are bugging you. Here it is–my Marriage FAQ.

Tons of Links to Articles Addressing Common Marriage Questions

If you’re in the Austin/San Antonio/Seminole area, I hope to see you this week! Just click on “Events” above to get taken to my schedule, or take a look on Facebook. And I know that next year I’ll be heading through Chicago, Louisiana, and Texas again, as well as booking other states. So if you’d like to be included in the tour, just email Tammy.

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