It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, so I’m going to take the day off of blogging to drive to Ottawa and make dinner for my daughter, her boyfriend, and her roommate. I’m looking forward to seeing them! So forgive my lack of a new post.

Then tomorrow I fly out to Colorado Springs to do some work with Focus on the Family and to speak in Denver on Wednesday morning. If you’re in the Colorado area, I’d love to see you! Here’s information on where I’m speaking in Denver and a meetup I’m planning for Colorado Springs.

In the meantime, I posted this on Facebook the other day and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Tough Times Dont Last - Thanksgiving Thoughts

I love the sentiment, but I don’t know that it’s always that easy. It seems to me as I go through people’s emails and read the comments that tough times DO last–in a way. The immediate pain goes away, and you’re able to smile again and get through the day. But hurts we suffer come with us. God heals much, but some pain is always there. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be different–as Laura Story said in her song Blessings, maybe these tough times give us a thirst that this world can’t satisfy. They point us to heaven.

I know some of you are walking through tough times in your marriage, and I want to reassure you that the aching pain won’t last. It really won’t. And it does make you stronger, and it can bring you together. And when  you decide to cling to each other in tough times, you forge such a strong bond.

But some pain does stay, and that’s the nature of life. Perhaps, though, that’s okay, because it gives us a sense of the joy of heaven.

That’s what I’m thinking this Thanksgiving. I’m so grateful for everything that God has brought me through, and it’s made me into a tough person. But there will always be some aches, and I’m at peace with that. Because it makes me even more grateful that this world is not all there is.

A few more things for today:

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And to all my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone else, have a wonderful day, and come on back tomorrow for the launch of an exciting contest!

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