That Time of the Month - Making That Time of the Month More Comfortable


“That time of the month”.

It almost seems like the phrase should be accompanied with creepy background music, doesn’t it? It’s that DREADED time when you’re moody and you’re crampy and you feel like you can’t do anything fun. I can’t exercise the day before my period or the first day of my period or the cramps come in full force, which is ironic, because the more I exercise in general the fewer cramps I get. But I just can’t exercise then. And, as I’ve told you all on this blog, my uterus has gone into overdrive this year and I’ve been anemic and overwhelmed and oh so very tired. The good thing about all of those health problems, though, is that it’s made me pay much more attention to my body and to the effects that it has on my mood especially. I just don’t want to get into a downward spiral again, and I don’t want my family to suffer for it. So today I thought I’d share some fun things that I do now to make “that time of the month” something not quite so dreaded, but instead something that’s got some benefits for everyone.

Keep Track of Your Cycle

Seriously. Just know when it’s going to happen. I love the Pink Pad app that helps you register everything, because it tells me when my grumpy days will be, too. And then I’m warned not to get on the treadmill the day before, too. I can just go in and see what today’s going to be like. I never used to keep track, and then I’d be stressed if I were going away. I’d be packing my bags and I’d think, “Am I due?” And I could never remember. Now that I keep track, I can even schedule camping trips so that it won’t hit then. And that’s a big bonus! Another trick my doctor told me: If I had been keeping track earlier, I likely would have noticed earlier when I was going all wonky and would have sought help sooner. So know your body! One other nice thing about most period apps (whether you use Pink Pad or not): you can keep track of high heavy your cycle is each day. DO THIS! That way you’ll see if there are weird changes, and you won’t second guess yourself.

Be Good to Yourself

Here’s the fun one: be good to yourself! I have a whole bunch of strategies, like this:

Grumpy Day = Take Out Food Night and Netflix marathon. Always.

I don’t have to cook, and then we watch TV so that I don’t have to talk. I can knit instead. It’s not that I mind talking; it’s just that on those days I tend to blow things out of proportion and all kinds of misunderstandings take place. So now we have something to look forward to! I don’t get to have Netflix marathons often. I’m just too busy. But it makes the day actually something to anticipate! And who doesn’t like Indian food? With garlic Naan? And veggie samosas? Yum. We don’t order take out too often, so this makes it special. And that makes the whole thing not quite so dreaded! Pamper Yourself  - Making That Time of the Month More Comfortable

Period = Pretty Flowers

I don’t do the flower thing often, either, but when I go grocery shopping during “that time of the month” I always pick up a nice bouquet. Again, it’s just something to make me smile. And then I’m thinking “fresh”, not “gross”.

Period = New Kind of Tea

And not only have I shared with you about all my health issues. I also spilled about my struggles quitting Diet Pepsi. I think I’m over that now, largely because I’ve started drinking loose-leaf teas instead. I just love the smell, and it seems luxurious, like you’re pampering yourself, when you get to open up the tea drawer and figure out what kind you feel like now. So that time of the month, when I’m at the mall, I treat myself to a new kind of tea. I still haven’t figured out which ones are my favorites yet–I think anything mint and a lot of the oolong ones–but I figure the more I try, the more I’ll figure it out! Berry teas don’t do it for me like I thought they would, but the orange spice and pineapple and pear ones are great!

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