Hello, everybody!

You have NO IDEA how good I feel now that my book, 9 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage, is in with the publisher. I’ll still have edits to do later this summer, but at least it’s written. And I actually kinda like it. πŸ™‚

So I’m visiting with my oldest daughter right now (and getting to know her boyfriend a little bit better), and helping my younger daughter study for Internationals for Bible quizzing which is coming up. She’s memorized all of Romans and James, and she’ll be competing against kids all over North America. She’s awesome (I’ll put a video up after the tournament).

And I’m reading a novel. It’s a long time since I’ve read one!

So I’m taking it a little bit easier right now. But at the same time I’m doing some housekeeping and changes to make the information I give you even better, so I thought I’d share 6 ways you can keep up with me, and get great marriage inspiration, since I do slightly different things all over the web–and you don’t want to miss any!

1. Don’t Miss a Blog Post!

I know it’s a hassle to click through to the blog everyday. But if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, here are two easy ways to do it:

OR, if that’s a bit much,

Every week I send out an email with my Friday opinion piece, along with links to everything new on the blog, highlights of the most popular stuff on Facebook, links to older posts that are becoming popular again, and more. So you get a round-up of everything that’s going on on the blog, on Facebook, and on Pinterest–and you can read it all at your leisure! Here’s a recent one, just so you get a sense of what it’s like.

And when you sign up for the weekly roundup, here’s something else cool:

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2. Check out Facebook

The blog is where all my new material is published, but on Facebook I also post inspirational graphics that you can share, links to all my new posts, links to older posts, and questions that readers send in so that other people can give their input. I get a TON of questions, and I can’t turn them all into blog posts. But often my Facebook fans have a lot of wisdom, too!

Do follow me on Facebook–and tell your other Facebook friends about me, too!

I want the kind of marriage that makes my kids want to get married.Share this graphic on Facebook now!

3. Follow Me on Pinterest

Pinterest is so much fun! That’s where I post pins to all my new posts, and a lot of my older ones, but also neat things I’ve found around the web, including some of the latest research on marriage and parenting.

So come on over and follow me there, too!

4. Subscribe to my Marriage Newsletter

Every month I send out my marriage newsletter, and it’s a little bit different from what you’ll read on the blog.

See, right now I have over 1,500 posts at To Love, Honor and Vacuum. That’s a lot! And so every month I try to pick a different theme, and then link to posts on that theme–even (or perhaps especially) if those posts are old. It’s a great way to discover things I wrote years ago that are still relevant, but you likely haven’t seen in your news feed.

Then I also link to all the great marriage posts from the previous month, as well as neat stuff on Facebook and Pinterest.

Here’s June’s newsletter, where the topic was “Getting Ready for Marriage”.

And I’ve just put together a free ebook when you subscribe to my marriage newsletter:

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5. Check out To Love, Honor and Vacuum–the Book!

To Love, Honor and VacuumI’m going to be telling you a LOT more about this starting next week and the week after, but the second edition of To Love, Honor and Vacuum has just launched (my official launch will be later this month). If you love my marriage and parenting philosophy, here’s a great book where it’s all rolled up together. Yes, I do talk about sex, but it’s not the primary thing. It’s more about fostering relationships where everyone in the family respects each other, no one feels taken for granted, and you don’t feel like you’re constantly rushing around.

I really love this book, and I know you will, too. If you’ve ever felt more like a maid than a wife and a mother, I know that it will help you refocus and make some changes so that your relationships feed you rather than bleed you. And you’ll learn how to focus on God’s goals for your family rather than the things that seem urgent at the time, but really don’t matter in the long run.

It’s a great summer read to get you on track to launch next year well!

6. Are in Ottawa? I’m doing a Meet up on Friday.

Ever heard of a meet-up? Basically we just pick a date, time, and place, and anyone who reads the blog or is on Facebook is invited to come. And then we all chat, get to know a few people, and laugh about marriage together.

So since I’m in Ottawa visiting, I thought it may be fun to try my first one! I’ll be at the Menchie’s at 1537 Merivale Rd. at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night. I’ll either eat frozen yogurt with way too many chocolate toppings all by myself, or hopefully some of you will show up and we’ll have a great chat and take some selfies. And if it gets too busy, we’ll head over to Salem Storehouse’s coffee shop around 8, which is pretty much next door.


So please come on out! I’d love to meet some of you–and I really don’t want to eat frozen yogurt alone. But if I have to, I will. I’ll update everyone via Twitter about where I am and who is there, and on Facebook as well.

And here’s the really cool thing–I haven’t actually SEEN any paperback copies of the new edition of To Love, Honor and Vacuum. So I’m going to bring the box that was shipped to me and open it there–in front of everyone. So you’ll all see them for the first time with me!

And here’s the official Facebook Events page–if you’re planning on coming, just click “Join”, so I’ll know how many to expect (but you can always drop by unannounced, too!)

For all my Canadian friends, Happy Canada Day! We’re watching the fireworks tonight from Mooney’s Bay. The girls decided there would likely be too much pot being smoked down on Parliament Hill, so we’ll avoid that. But it’s neat to be in the nation’s capital on July 1!

So pick one of the above and start following me more. I’d love to stay in contact with all of you more, and deliver you great information in easy ways–that make it easy to share. πŸ™‚

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