Overwhelmed moms - Quick Encouragement for Overwhelmed Moms

Dear Overwhelmed Mom:

You can do it! And I wanted to give you some quick encouragement today.

I’m a little overwhelmed myself right now. I’m speaking at a writer’s conference, and my manuscript for 9 Thoughts That Will Change Your Marriage is due at Waterbrook next Friday. So I don’t have time to write long blog posts.

But I do have time to say this:

These years are hard ones. You feel like you have no time to yourself. You wonder who you are anymore, because you barely recognize yourself in the mirror. You’re chronically tired. You feel like you’re always ordering someone around. And you just want to sit down and eat some chocolate in peace.

Those days are coming! It will not always be like this.

But think of these years as building years. You build into your kids, and because of that they become great people. You create structure and discipline, but still talk to them, and yes, it’s exhausting. But if you put in the time now, then later, in the reaping years, you’ll find that your teenagers enjoy being with you. You’ll find that life gets easier. And you’ll find yourself excited, not scared, at what your kids will do next.

This year I was half an empty nester. One daughter has moved out; another daughter will soon follow. And I’ve been so excited to see what Becca has done with her life, and to see her form all kinds of great, solid friendships (including one with a BOY. Oh, my).

She chose well, and she’s a great kid, but it’s largely because we put in a ton of work when they were little.

Yes, I was once exhausted. But I am not exhausted now. I am pleasantly satisfied.

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You can do it, Moms!

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